Bangladeshi infiltrators in streets, alleys, all over

Is Central Government ready to push back illegal infiltrators from Bangladesh?  

On June 22, 2014, a Bangladeshi infiltrator was arrested in front of the residence of Chief Minister of the Indian state of Bengal or Sm. Mamata Banerjee at Kalighat by a team from Kalighat police station. The arrest sent a shudder through the spine of Bengal administration and basically, potential hullaballoo over the incident worried the concerned department most. It has been learnt from Murlidhar Sharma (D.C. South), the name of arrested youth is Mohammed Anam (age 28), hailing from Nayakhali of Dakshin (South) Sunmgunj) Upazila (Sub-District) in Bangladesh and according to his own statement, he entered India through Beanpole or the principal checkpoint of Bangladesh in the India-Bangladesh international border to meet the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Bengal. Even if a passport has been received from Mohammed Anam, he has no visa and accordingly, he has been detained for investigations. A case has also been lodged against him for entering India illegally.   

What astound all now are the security lapses prevalent both in the border and state enabling an illegal Bangladesh infiltrator reach the area close to the Hon’ble Chief Minister’s residence. At the same time, a police team belonging to west port police station has also arrested three Bangladeshi infiltrators namely Tarique Mollah, Billa Qazi and Mohammed Manirul Mollah hailing from Khulna district in the realm of Bangladesh. A formal case has been registered against these three individuals, based on Foreigners Act of India.   

What makes the Bengal government so helpless?  Has the government yielded to Bangladeshi infiltrators entering the state on whim? What refrains the Bengal government from seeking the central help then? Does the Central Government believe on pompous assurances and zero activity regarding push back of illegal Bangladeshi infiltrators? If these questions haunt any patriotic Indian, it is quite natural. The bane of illegal infiltration is not limited to Kolkata but is expanding far and wide and up to the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. Are not political parties conscious of this mounting demographic invasion? In a nutshell, all are aware and to refresh the memory let’s go through pages of Ganashakti (Bengali organ of CPIM). On October 11, 1992, Jyoti Basu, then Hon’ble Chief Minister of Bengal, penned an article in Bengali to seek a final solution to the problem of infiltration. He wrote in clear terms, “Muslims started entering the Indian mainland ever since 1971. Between 1977 and 1992 BSF identified and pushed back 2, 25, 529 Bangladeshis and among them while 56, 342 were Hindus, 1, 69, 795 were Muslims.”     

On July 14, 2004, Shri Prakash Jaiswal, then Hon’ble Minister of State for Home Affairs, stated in Lok Sabha that the number of illegal Bangladeshis in India (at that time) was almost 10.5 million while 75 hundred thousand of them were stationed in the state of West Bengal only. The number, without a shred of doubt, has increased by leaps and bounds in the last decade and now, the situation is such that a substantial form of this alien population has started to decide the fate of Bengal in elections. Presence of Mohammed Anam or Tarique Mollah, Billa Qazi and Mohammed Manirul Mollah in Kolkata is found so frequently hence.

When will the Central Government initiate its push back program? This sole issue concerns all now and unless such stringent measures are adopted, the destiny of Eastern India will be perilous. This can be stated undoubtedly. Last question – is the BJP-led Central Government serious of its electoral promises to check illegal infiltration from Bangladesh?

Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.


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