Hindus thrash Islamists for attempting to molest Hindu women in Bahir Bena, Canning

Without doubt, village: Bahir Bena (existing within the area of Dhalir Barti), P.S. Canning, District: 24 Paraganas (South), has turned out to be free country for Islamists where anything can take place at their will without fear of punishment from the administration or reprisal of others.

Why is such a harsh accusation being made?

There are indeed enough reasons; while the rape of an innocent Hindu housewife in the first week of April, 2012 (rapist Sarafat Mandal still at large, owing to sheer inefficiency of police) in the same area shocked Hindus, on April 16 the village became a backdrop of another Hindu-Muslim conflict because of Islamists’ misbehavior and bids to molest Hindu women reveling a cultural program. The cultural program was part of a fair going on for several years at a stretch; Islamists’ misbehavior has also been going on without break.

On April 16, at 9 pm, a few Islamist ruffians, perceiving the large presence of Hindu women in the cultural program, sneaked into the program as mere viewers. They included Hizrat Mollah, Dorab Mollah, Habijur Mollah along with several others and from the very beginning, lewd remarks were made to Hindu women.

Hindu women there preferred to bypass but soon it became unbearable and hence, they reported it to the Hindu youths, especially activists of Hindu Samhati, there. Hindu youths challenged the miscreants straight away; nonetheless, Islamists also approached towards them. But the Hindu strength proved to be too powerful to them. Hizrat Mollah, Dorab Mollah, Habijur Mollah were taken hold of while others fled and the 3 Islamists were thrashed.

Police was informed by the fair committee to hand over the 3 Islamists to the local administration. Surprisingly though police came later, they did not arrest the 3 culprits. Islamists were advised not to repeat the same!

Were the 3 culprits freed for being Islamists? Would the police have behaved likewise if they had been Hindus?

Blatant parochialism rules Bengal at the moment.

What a shame for democracy of India


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