Imam allowance sets off in Malda

Communalization of politics will rape Bengal only

There has been lots of hue and cry from people against the calamitous generosity of Didi on Imams across the state (followed by Muazzins) but the juggernaut of ruling clique in Bengal, to strengthen the Islamic vote bank and (thus) secure its prolonged existence in the corridors of power, is unabated and the onset of allowances to Imams in the district of Malda proves it best. Well, you can certainly ask (being a citizen in a democratic country) the nitty-gritty of this decision, taken by a cash-strapped government virtually, - many have already done it but Didi’s choicest thing on earth (Imams) is invulnerable and can’t be obstructed from getting the celestial (?) aids through her.

On May 30, 2012, cheques were given to 32 Imams in Malda and in accordance with Dr. Archana, District Magistrate of Malda, all have been done to strengthen the spirit of harmony throughout the district. It has been learnt, procedures to make the government’s decision a reality started a few days ago and the form of application was sent to almost all Imams. She also said that Malda, being a Muslim-dominated district, earns a special attention from different echelons of the government in this regard. There happens to be 2500 Imams (at least) in Malda, as per governmental records, and applications of 1056 Imams have been duly checked by now. Imams having core banking account will get the money through banks altogether and will not have to travel all the way to district administration office in Malda in such a sordid summer.

Each Imam was given allowance of one-and-a-half-month (starting from April, 2012) amounting to Rs. 3, 719.

Without a shred of doubt, the newly-founded tradition will go on vigorously and strengthen with each month it passes.

Democratic culture of India has an unparallel feature also – new governments are not (commonly) found to scrub decisions of earlier governments. And surely no party in Bengal, in the following days, will dare to rescind Imam allowance – all have got to remain secular and tolerant.          

Thus begins a new journey, weird (in every capacity) in the political culture of Bengal (from August 15, 1947 thus far), leading to the utter communalization of its political scenario.

What’s if Hindus remain indignant? Who does care for them? Let them go for personal salvation and sing hymns in temples; beggars are not allowed to address, not to mention their own aspirations or agonies. 


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