Death tragedy for capsizing in Assam reveals Bangladeshi Islamists’ infiltration soundly

No Assamese Hindu found among mourners!

Death happens to be the ultimate truth or the greatest reality in this cosmos and no matters who he/she is, each and every living being, including humans, irrespective of differences of sex, caste, class or ethnicity has got to give in to this. Death happens to be a part of the law of nature. When Yaksha asked Maharaja Yudishthira (in Mahabharata) of the greatest mystery of earth his answer was prompt and simple – human beings are mortal but they consider themselves as mortal. Each and every death is unfortunate since loss of human life can’t be compensated in any way, let alone words of lamentation or dirge or rendering money to his/her kith and kin.

Nevertheless, at times, death of one individual or a pack of people generates a few pertinent questions that need to be addressed by concerned personnel. The double-decker ferry that capsized on April 30 in the Bramhaputra river in Assam's Dhubri district claiming lives of a large number of people has also brought to the fore an uncomfortable (to several agencies) but highly significant issue.  Even if the death toll and one of the worst human tragedies remain a grim chapter both in the state of Assam and India, pictures of mourners and bystanders on the bank of Brahmaputra along with the possible list of casualties (no list of casualties as regards the tragedy has been released officially thus far) do reveal that the majority of them, if not more, happen to be Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators, recklessly determined to transform Assam into a safe haven of Islamists.

In accordance with pictures (of the incidents) published in several websites yet, no Assamese Hindu is perceived in the throngs either mourning or attending victims’ funerals.

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It is no secret that infiltrations of Muslims from Bangladesh into Assam have been troubling the state for decades without any possible remedy in sight. The fear among Hindus in Assam that the infiltration, if remains unchecked, will destabilize their practice and change the demographic profile of the state, hence, is not unfounded and the pictures found in the said links (and many others) do portray the same horrendous reality. Many do assert that Assam may become a part of vicious design of “Greater Bangladesh” before long.

It is worthwhile to mention that (in 1998) a 42-page report was sent by Lt. Gen. (Retd.) S.K. Sinha, former Governor of Assam, to the then President K. R. Narayanan stating categorically “the influx of illegal migrants is turning the lower Assam districts into a Muslim-majority region. It will only be a matter of time when a demand for their merger with Bangladesh may be made…. The loss of lower Assam will sever the entire land mass of the Northeast from the rest of India and the rich natural resources of that region will be lost to the nation.”

What can be the existing situation (after 14 years) then? The inhuman silence of the Union Government of India and the helplessness of Assam have made the circumstances out of the frying pan into the fire. With each day it passes, hundreds of more Islamist infiltrators from Bangladesh enter Assam and as a result, many areas of Assam, once Hindu-dominated, have become Muslim-dominated only menacing lifelong beliefs and practices of Hindus. 

The burgeoning infiltration has its own implications on the security of India too. Almost all militant organizations have their bases in the mainland of Bangladesh and if they are aided by hundreds of thousands of militia of infiltrators, the joint force can make India cede entire Assam, followed by North-east India gradually.   

Do you sense the danger? 


Anonymous said…
Every second Muslim face from Bangladeshi infiltrators is another OSAMA

Every month thousands of Bangladeshi illegal immigrants(infiltrators) arrive to India, majority of them come by boats , long unguarded porous border, many other come by air through Nepal and also many of them come to our country by crossing illegally the border from various other points . As a peaceful nation we need to think seriously about the future facts of harm to our country and its citizens by this illegal immigration.
I do not write this article because of being against Muslims, but the objective is to get attention of this dumb, deaf and blind Indian Government and the so called( secularists) anti India politicians, who to grab the power in W.BENGAL and ASSAM have allowed and encouraged the illegal infiltrations of Bangladeshi Muslims into India. My words may be crude and derogatory and may hurt Bengali Hindus,with due apology I must say that they are the biggest unimaginative and improbable. For more than 30 years they have allowed the leftist to rule state and now time and again they have chosen a mindless disastrous woman to rule them. What she is doing to woo Muslims and illegal immigrant Bangladeshi Muslims will make the state a Muslim majority and controlled state within a decade.“The 100% of infiltrators we are receiving are Muslims (excluding from Nepal,Bhutan)
I accept that not all the Muslim infiltrators are criminals, terrorists or suicide bombers, but every second face from them is another Osama who keeps the radical thinking in his mind, who doesn’t believe in the freedom of speech, who doesn’t consider the Hindus and other non-Muslims people as human but consider them infidel (That´s what Quran teaches them). These Muslims come to our country from fanatic jihadist Bangladesh where they get taught the Islamic education of radicalism, terrorism, hate, killing, revenge, discrimination and rule on the world on any price.
Those Muslim infiltrators are the followers of the Islamic law (Sharia) which is not suitable to our modern world. We must take some lessons from the 26/11 Mumbai Terrorist Attacks where all the terrorists found guilty and charged were MUSLIMS.
20 years ago United Kingdom,European countries and United States of America committed a mistake of welcoming the Muslim migrants to their countries with open arms.Now these western countries have taken strict measures to check the Muslim immigrations to their countries .We in India have opened our doors to Muslims infiltrators just to gain power with illegal means and illegal migrants votes. If India will continue to repeat the blunder committed by INDIRA GANDHI, then I make you sure that within some years we shall live in India with Muslims states within Indian State and the same shadow of the fear in which UK, USA,Europe and we are living now will continue with more grave intensity, where anytime there can be an explosion in Buses, Trains, Airplanes or Shopping Centers.
With very much serious concern I make a humble request to the Bengali HINDUS to get awaken and don’t support Mamta Banerjee(MUMTAJ BEGUM ARJEE) and get rid of her as early as possible. BE AWARE OF CONGI, COMMI AND TMC.Elect Hindu minded nationalist Government and for GOD sake every nationalist Bengali HINDU should stop cooperating and dealings with Muslim infiltrators in W.Bengal, Assam and elsewhere. Don’t get allured of Bangla speaking Muslims as we have already witnessed their atrocities in August 1946(during Muslim league’s direct action day). Hindus are facing worst atrocities in Bangladesh by these Bengali speaking Muslims. Be attentive and don’t allow our peaceful country to be taken over by JIHADIST and do not let INDIA and SONAR BANGLA get converted in to another Islamic office of the Terrorism.
Anonymous said…
pankaj said…
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pankaj said…
@ HNDUAWAKEN , very well said, but merely writing articles will not serve our purpose. Our future is in dark , if we don't take strong steps. We should stop relying on BJP as it's leaders are fighting within themselves , it's leader of opposition mrs sushma swaraj acts like congress agent in bjp , who very raraely speaks on hindutva issues always tries to bail out congress on important issues like telengana, bangladeshi infiltrators , black money, jan lokpal and manymore. It's time to show the world that what hindu extremisim means. if we remain remain silent we will surely perish like other religons such as judaism etc.

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