Terror at Tamluk

The villagers of Damodarpur under Tamluk subdivision of East Midnapur district, caught two thieves red handed on 17/05/212 and in an extreme outburst of public anger while one was beaten to death, the other one is hospitalized but in critical condition.

Both of them happen to be residents of Changsarpur which is Muslim dominated area. Killing of Muslims, irrespective of their criminal nature, by kifir, was sufficient for local Muslims to attack and destroy a nearby Hindu dominated village, Anantapur which lies between Damodarpur and Changsarpur. Organized Muslims attacked the Hindu people.  The shops were looted, houses were ransacked, the properties were set in fire, road were blocked and communication was disrupted. Then police came and picketing was set up. But the situation is still tensed.


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