Democratic forces appealed to oppose governmental persecution on Hindu Samhati

What even professed ‘secularists’ and anti-Hindutva Left front government did not do for last 3 years, the existing Trinamool Congress-led government in Bengal (of 9 months only) has made it out. Hindu Sanhati, ever since its inception, has been organizing an open session in Kolkata parks on February 14 to mark its Anniversary. Likewise,  preparations were made in this year as well and each necessary permission, in this regard, was obtained more than a month ago of the 4 th Anniversary. 

However, nasty approaches of governance (denouncing democratic and human rights as enshrined in the Constitution of India highly) to stall it were perceived in a little while. The wrath of TMC (Trinamool Congress) government was witnessed (this year) when on earth it annulled the aforementioned permission based on a flimsy ground. But the defiance and valor of Hindu Samhati depicted through its (strenuous) legal victory against this endeavor proved to be enough to dispirit the administration and to strengthen its vengeance only.  

Not even half a day after the historic success of 4 th Anniversary passed till then and Sri Tapan Ghosh, president, Hindu Samhati, was arrested at 9.30 pm. Is it too hard to comprehend the sinister design hatched by the administration?   

On the following day Jamait-e-Ulema Hind organized a meeting in the heart of the city. And a strange development was witnessed there. Chief Minister Mamata Bannerjee, who left no stone unturned in public to bring HS meeting on February 14 to a halt, rang Mr. Siddikullah during the meeting and addressed Muslims, present there in throngs, virtually. All these prove Ulemas in Bengal have the freedom to organize people but Hindus do not.

Another significant issue must be mulled over now. What makes Hindu Samhati so imperative to Trinamool Congress? The reasons are not far to see. In the Indian state of Bengal, it has been normal to succumb to Islamists’ tyrannies for the last few decades. It was the month of September, 2010 when Islamists endorsed by Trinamool Congress conducted a 3-day looting and arson in Deganga. 32 Durga pujas, altogether, were withheld but no Islamist was taken into custody. Who can ever forget the infamous day of November 21, 2007? Islamists, to all intents and purposes, held the metropolis of Kolkata to ransom on that day and the “secular” media and then Left Front Government turned out to be mute spectators by and large. Taslima Nasrin, in consequence of Islamic rampage, was banished from the city, state and India above all.

Again, only two years back Islamists gheraoed The Statesman House for four days; nonetheless, no one was arrested ever.
All these prove how villages in Bengal are at this point in time. Tens of hundreds of reports do bear out, government’s authority ceases to exist in Muslim-dominated rural areas of Bengal. This mounting crisis is stimulating Islamists outright and as a result, Islamic onslaughts on police stations, police barracks and quarters and molestation of Hindu women are on the rise heavily. And at each time sheer incompetence of the administration is found. Hindus, accordingly, are leaving for safer areas.

Hindu Samhati, ever since its foundation, has been devoted to call this curse a halt and with this end in view, it has been mobilizing people for self defence, has stopped conversion of young Hindu girls, raised issues related to uncurbed Bangladeshi Muslims’ infiltration. Hindu Samhati has stated candidly if Hindus do not resist this saga of oppression, Bengal will be converted to another Bangladesh soon – a place where it is impossible for Hindus to dwell in with dignity.

Intrinsic vigor of Hindu Samhati and its mounting credence, esteem among Hindus has scared Islamic forces and their serfs (seculars) a great deal. Owing to complacency and indifference to muscular assertions for centuries, Hindus have always been taken for granted. Moreover, Islamic forces and their cohorts have always considered that namby-pamby and egocentric Hindu religious leaders will remain silent ever. The rise of Hindu Samhati and rise among Hindus consequently has become the greatest impediment to them. All these make Trinamool Congress-led government nab Sri Tapan Ghosh straight away.

We do appeal to all democratic forces to oppose this vengeance against Hindu Samhati. Without doubt, in a democratic setup diverse opinions thrive. Hindu Samhati is no militant organization, it does not preach or practice violence. So if today Hindu Samhati can be attacked by government, tomorrow it will be you.


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