Indian sovereignty comes to a standstill in Bangaon

Will the India-Bangladesh border area be ceded ultimately?

It is no secret to the regular readers of this website ( or even to people (remaining conscious of the fast changing reality or the exponential rise of Islamists and hence, the fast approaching nemesis to Bengal) that Bangaon area of District: 24 Paraganas (North) happen to be one of the most vulnerable sectors to illegal migration of Islamists, clandestine onslaughts from Bangladesh and also a more potent bastion of cattle smuggling.

A series of investigations were conducted by Hindu Samhati earlier to portray the truth (horrendous in every sense of the term) there. See:; And what had been found was indeed shocking. In spite of the presence of BSF in the concerned areas, lawlessness reigned supreme and the main reason behind this happened to be the helplessness of the force; it was unable to fire a single shot, owing to a weird order of the Union Government of India giving a free rein to intruders from other side of the border ultimately.

A similar study was conducted on March 25, 2012 in Bangaon and this was to take the existing reality into consideration. And the approach not devoid of reasons too; Hindu Samhati office’s phones continue to ring regularly – calls are made by Hindus of the same area, finding it impossible to live there and looking at Hindu Samhati as the last citadel of Hindu resistance.      

What did the fact-finding team find in Bangaon at this time? Was it good or was there any marked difference to that of the earlier investigations? There was no such! And what more has come to light – with each day it passes, condition of Bangaon is getting worse. Reasons? Authentic facts along with versions of villagers and also BSF personnel (off the record) do prove that thousands of cows (if not more) are being smuggled into Bangladesh on a daily basis. And being unable to retrain intruders (aforementioned central government’s order being supreme), frustration is rising among rank and file of the force leading to rampant corruption altogether.

Haven’t Hindus in Bangaon protested? The only answer to this is lots and apart from the vulnerability of national security, they have their own reasons as well. On account of the passage of cattle through farm lands, agriculture of Hindus has become a great casualty. What is more striking, their houses are also not spared. There are other reasons, in addition. While crossing the river and Baor (a form of dead river where water is not flowing), lots of cows do drop dead. Cows can’t put up with such long journeys. And the corpses are dumped either in the woods or the river; almost a hundred dead cows are found to float in water frequently, risking the environment to large extent. People are compelled to accept the unbearable smell too.   

Local people, as a result, are finding it difficult to count on the local administration; virtually, their dependence is on the brink of collapse. Only a few days back, Bangladeshi infiltrators got hold of a BSF jawan in Angrail village and broke his head.

Reports do confirm, in last 6 months, direct clashes (100 as a minimum) took place between Bangladeshi infiltrators (Islamsits) and Hindus/or BSF. Hindus, under the auspices of Hindu Samhati activists, in Bangaon are waging a desperate struggle to save themselves and also the nation on the whole. Without doubt, Hindu Samhati activists are risking their own lives thus.        

We are posing a humble question to government, therefore. What ails the government? What makes them incapable to save the nation whereas Hindus in Bangaon are hell-bent in this regard? 


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