Hindu Defense Organization Being Launched in East India - Hindu Samhati

Hindu Defense Organization Being Launched in East India - Hindu Samhati

5, Bhuban Dhar Lane. Kolkata-700012

Dear Friends,
Taking the words of Swami Vivekananda I would like to say that the visually challenged cannot see the imminent threat of another partition. The deaf cannot hear its footsteps. And the fact is another partition is forthcoming in the Eastern region of India which is going to de-link Bengal and Assam. The futile dream of 1905 and the incomplete dream of 1947 finally seems be fulfilled and a long cherished vision will be realized. They say, the British snatched Bengal, Bihar and Orissa from them in the battle of Plassey in 1757 and hence it was their duty (farz) to give them back this entire area at the time of their departure in 1947. Instead, the British deprived them, giving them only half of Bengal. The British had cheated them. (Continue below)

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And now they are determined to assert their right of ruling Bengal, Bihar, and Orissa. The first step in this direction was taken in 1947. The second step is conquering West Bengal and Assam.
However, the people living in the border districts of West Bengal can already hear their footsteps and every day the sound is growing louder. Even the inhabitants of Birbhum, Howrah, Hooghly, Burdwan, East Midnapur can hear these footfalls. The Kolkatans have recently witnessed the anti-Taslima violence on 21 November at Park Circus. But this is only a trailer and in a few days they will get to see the entire movie.

Friend, you might be surprised by what I am saying. The incidents at Dhantala, Bantala, Bashanti, Sonakhali and Hemtabad were not pre-planned. Rather they occurred due to lack of planning and control. Their stratagem is wide and has far reaching consequences. To materialize their plans, they are quietly and stealthily increasing their population on both sides of the Border. Production is being carried out on the other side and the product is supplied in this side. Their population is increasing at an alarming rate. We have already become minority in 10 districts of West Bengal and Assam. If we consider the blocks, we are a minority in 62 of them. In these areas we are living completely at their mercy. In several places blowing of conchshells, celebration of Holi, Durga Puja and Saraswati Puja in schools have been banned. Our mothers and sisters are living in terror, not at the thought of what is going to happen, but by witnessing what is happening.

Unfortunately, these incidents are not being allowed to be brought to light by the vested interests. The cries of human sufferings and persecution are lost by the incessant blowing of the trumpet of Secularism! What is more tragic, the Sachar Committee is trying to put the blame on the Hindus for all the backwardness of the Muslims, as if it is we who are exploiting them!

But what would be the outcome of such Muslim appeasement? Haven’t we suffered enough during the partition of 1947? Did not Dr. Ambedkar clearly point out the disastrous results of such appeasement during the pre-partition days? And that disaster was the loss of our hearth and homes, that disaster was the loss of the honour of our women, that disaster was the earning of the ‘refugee’ tag by millions of Hindus.

In spite of this our political leaders continue to aid and abet this policy of appeasement, though most of them happen to be refugees themselves! And we, the Hindus, seem to have resigned ourselves to follow the path of the ostrich to tide over this crisis. But don’t we realize that we cannot save ourselves in this way? Our forefathers could not do it in 1947, the Hindus of Kashmir could not do it in 1990, and we will not be able to do so either when our turn comes.

And therefore, we have come out to protest – to protest against this policy of appeasement, this inertia and this hypocrisy. We have come out with the resolve to protect our country, to protect the honour of our women, to protect the Hindus in general and the Hindu Swabhiman. Whatever may be the outcome of this fight, one thing is for sure – we shall not yield an inch to the enemy without a fight. WE SHALL NOT SURRENDER.

We, therefore, felt the need of a new platform to mobilize all Hindus for this purpose and the name that has been proposed is Hindu Samhati. In this respect, a meeting has been called at Bharat Sabha Hall on 14 February 2008, which will be graced by some of the most eminent Hindu personalities of our times.

You are most cordially welcome.

Tapan Kr. Ghosh
Contact: 94330 37705

Venue: Bharat Sabha Hall
62, B. B. Ganguly Street, Kolkata-12
(Near “CENTRAL” Metro Station)
Date: 14 February 2008, Thursday
Time: 1.00 pm

Swami Ashimanandaji (Gujarat), Swami Pradiptanandaji (Murshidabad), Swami Punyalokanandaji, Shri K.N. Govindacharya , Smt. Himani Savarkar (Pune), Shri Pramod Mutalik (Bangalore), Shri Bharat Bhai (Gujarat), Shri Dhananjay Pathak (Meerut), Shri Shailendra Jain (Delhi) Shri Anil Lamba (Delhi), Shri Sudhir Patel (Patna)

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surinder attri said…
1. hindus committed adharma by letting the jihadis partition half of their motherland and murder their men rape their women and sell their children as slaves

2. My Take:
Yes indeed. We Hindus have committed Adharma, but it is not 60 years old either ( partition-event ). We Hindus have been taking SH** from the Moslems for 1200 years. We have committed Adharma, by our failure to knock off the Sullas.

3. Yes, our Adharma is evil, immoral, and absolutely wicked. It totally disregards basic Hinduism principles, it is totally contrary to Hindu Dharma. It is looting of Mother Bharat.

4. It is better to perish in battle, than to see such an outrage to our Hinduism.

Surinder Paul Attri
surinder attri said…
1. Attriji

According to the noted Islamic author, historian and scholar, MRA Baig, "Islam was devised a religion to end all religions".

This is what its followers are working on day and night, but we are not heeding to it and we are being mesmerized to ignore it, because SARVA DHARMA SAMBHVAY".


2. My Take:
Chaudhari Sahib:
Thanks for your good question regarding Signor Baig’s observation.

3. Quote: According to the noted Islamic author, historian and scholar, MRA Baig, "Islam was devised a religion to end all religions".

COMMENT: Signor Baig’s observation is free from error, but his diagnosis is equally applicable to Christianity.
Both Islam & Christianity came to finish off all other religions. Hence, both Islam & Christianity are “ Replacement-Religions. “

Staying with Islam alone, for simplicity sake, it is because of this menu item of Islam, that Moslems have massacred hundreds of millions of Non-Moslem Kafirs, through the 14 centuries of Islam’s existence. There has not been a religion on God’s earth which, has shed so much Kafir-Blood as Islam has. It is because of this blast of Islam that, Moslems are always at war with Non-Moslem Kafir religions of the world.
Quran “ clearly “ states that, it is a mercy to kill a Kafir, and a surest way for a Moslem to go to Janat ( Moslem’s Paradise ), where 72 Houris are waiting to entertain him with the most fabulous-sex. Quran in one hand and sword ( or gun ) in the other, to kill & get killed, there is no other alternative for a Moslem.

4. Quote: This is what its followers are working on day and night, but we are not heeding to it and we are being mesmerized to ignore it, because SARVA DHARMA SAMBHVAY".

COMMENT: Are we Hindus mesmerized ?
We sure are, but with a different conundrum. Let us face it. We Hindus are Not angels. We are selfish, too damn selfish. We Hindus want to defend out Hinduism, but we do not want to pay the price of defending Hinduism. We want some one else to pay this price. In other words, we desire a Free-Lunch. But there is no free-lunch in life.

The Hindu has brain-washed himself into an attitude of selfishness ( or blind-individualism, if you will ), he is grabbing this creature by any means whatsoever. Because the Hindu regards his welfare and the welfare of his family, at the top of his priority, and the welfare of his Hindu community as un-important, the Hindu community remains terribly disunited & dismally-weak. If I may put it in a quick-book format, this Hindu attitude is a complete package for Hindu disaster. As an outgrowth of this terrible-attitude, the Hindu lives under constant terror of Islam. That is about the size of how, life plays out for us Hindus.

Surinder Paul Attri
surinder attri said…
By S.P. Attri ( USA )
1. Wave after wave of Moslem Jehadi brigands have, assaulted out sacred Bharat Varsha for over 12 centuries, with deadly weapons, murdering hundreds of millions of Kafir-Hindus, under the sword of Islamic bigotry and fanaticism of its Sulla followers. Lakhs & lakhs of Kafir-Hindus were taken prisoners, and made to say good-bye to their religion, to their hearths & homes, to be sold in Moslem countries as slaves, to serve their masters for their entire life. Lakhs & lakhs of Hindu women were made into widows, they were raped to satisfy the lust of Allah’s warriors. Millions & millions of innocent Kafir Hindu children were rendered orphans, and forced to lead a life of immorality, by the soldiers & guardians of Islam. This is what the Hindus has seen of Islam. This is what the Hindu has experienced of Islam. This is what the Moslems are doing in India even today, while boastfully claiming that:
Islam is a religion of Peace, Love, and Brotherhood.

2. It is pathetic that in spite of this horrible experience with Islam for over 12 centuries, we Hindus have not gotten our act together , to push majority of these worthless s.o.b ’s , these worthless beasts of Islam ( who are lower in rank than a pig ), out of India with the use of force, and to decimate the remaining good-for-nothing Sullas, with a double-dose of exclusivism & ostracism. Strange indeed !
Let it be understood that Islam cannot be eliminated from India, by ordinary civil methods. No way !

3. Undertaking this task is not too terrible a job , if we Hindus understand what our job is, for the betterment of our Hindu Order. But it is a heavy & husky job if, we remain in denial mode, and refuse to recognize & acknowledge the threat to the Hindu that, has been in existence for over 1200 years, the threat that should have been visible to the Hindu for all these years. Make no mistake about it. Hindu’s life shall remain in quiver & sizzle, until the Hindu gives up his “ Blind-Individualism, “ and his “ Selfishness “ where he puts priority on his welfare & the welfare of his family, but puts no priority on the welfare of his Hindu community.
To make this happen the Hindu shall have to re-arrange his priorities, and make bold & valiant decisions in his mind, that he is not going to tolerate any assault or assaults against his Hinduism, that he is not going to let the Sullas swallow the whole earth of our Bharat Varsha, that he is not going to take any Sh** from the damn Sulla.

4. The Hindu must consider that everything outside the welfare & power of Hinduism is bad, that Islam is a problem ( and has been a problem for over 1200 years ), and this problem must be eradicated.
Question: Can we Hindus live in peace with Islam ?
Answer: Can we live amicably with a religion, whose principle is intolerance & which says openly “ I will not tolerate you Kafir ” ?

Can Islam be made tolerant by education or by other ways ? No way ! Why ?
Because if Islam becomes peaceful or gives up its bellicosity & exclusivity, against the Kafir religions of the world, then there is no excuse for the existence of Islam. Islamic clergy would never vote for this ill-advised suggestion of shooting themselves in the foot. It is foolish to expect the Islamic clergy, to cut their own throat.

5. You can be sure, however, that Islamic clergy will, continue to make a pretense of Islam being a religion of :
“ Peace, Love,& Brotherhood. “

This is Not what Islam is, but that is what Moslems want you to believe Islam is.

Many Phoney-Liberal Hindu leaders also tout this phoney-baloney of Islam. Hindu must be alert against, hypnotic slogans of peace & co-existence with Sullas, mouthed by the Phoney-Liberal politicians. Their formulations are as phoney as a three-dollar bill, they are a bunch of liars. Hindu must dismiss their myths.

6. Hindu instead should concentrate on controlling his selfishness & his blind-individualism. He should faithfully fight the ideology & politics of Islam, and organize himself to demolish Islam totally out of India.

This would require extra-ordinary courage on the part of the Hindu, but it can certainly be generated.

Surinder Paul Attri
surinder attri said…
By S.P. Attri ( USA )
1. The arrival of Islam in India, was the biggest catastrophe & the biggest piece of bad luck, for the Hindu and for his sacred land of Bharat Varsha. The Moslem brigands who invaded our Bharat Varsha, brought with them bloodshed & butchery of the Hindu, on a scale unheard before, together with rape, ravine, and plunder of the Kafir-Hindu’s property. This brutality, butchery, and barbarism on the Hindu, continued for 1200 years. No Hindu knew what moment will be his last. To these repulsive & good-for-nothing Sullas, the Hindu was a hateful, idolatrous Kafir, who deserved no consideration nor any cogitation, he deserved only to be butchered in this life, in the next life he is headed for hell any way. The Sullas conducted this ceremony of murder ( murder of the Kafir-Hindu ), with the greatest of Islamic-glee, gusto, and pride, while cries of “ Allah-HO-Akbar “ rent the skies of India ( for full 1200 years plus ).

2. Before the arrival of these repulsive & good-for-nothing Sullas, peace had prevailed in India. After the arrival of these bootless & meritless rubbish of humanity, hell broke loose upon the Hindu,
The Hindu must not only denounce the repulsive & revolting record of Islam in India, but must also prepare, not only to confront this abominable enemy of Islam, but also to defeat & demolish it for good. Peaceful co-existence with Islam is Not an option for the Hindu, any more than placing confidence in the false notion that, Islam came to India peacefully ( and not with sword ), both will bring immense harm to the Hindu & to the Hindu civilization. The slaughter of hundreds of millions of our Kafir Hindus, is ample evidence that, Islam did not come to India peacefully nor with the idea of peaceful living in India Islam is a dangerous violent ideology, masquerading as a religion. There is no harm in exposing Islam for what it is in reality. But exposing alone will not solve the Hindu’s problem, unless the Hindu sits down & thinks seriously about defeating Islam and demolishing it for good. It is this concept which really matters.

4. The organized, semitic religions, particularly Islam & Christianity, proclaim monopoly of truth, labeling all pre-history ( that is what existed before their favorite prophet ) as mythology. The history of barbaric-brutality of Islam, deftly swept under the Islamic carpet, needs to be thoroughly exposed. It was with barbaric atrocity that Islam swept vast regions, of Arabia, Algeria, Iran, Afghanistan, Maldives, Malaysia, Indonesia, as well as sizeable parts of India, leaving no person professing any religion other than Islam. Islam still retains its wild & predatory cold-blooded ferocity. Islam continues to be maddened that it has a right to wipe out the thousands year old history, of its Kafir ( Non-Moslem Infidels ) ancestors.

In India particularly, Islam must be confronted with power, and compelled to abandon its absurd, stereo-typed pretense that, Hindus have no pre-Mohammadan history worth studying. The present hush-hush of the Phoney-Liberal politicians of India, over the way, Islam was quickly spread over vast parts of India, must go. The entire history of terror, torture, & tyranny unleashed on the Kafir-Hindu, by Allah’s Warriors, must be recounted, in all its gory details, in the school books of all India.

5. The Moslems have been trained by tradition, to look upon Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ), especially idolatrous Kafir-Hindus as despicable beings, who deserve to be slaughtered, humiliated, and insulted at every stage. Actually, however, it is the Moslems who are despicable beings, who need to be punished for their crimes against Kafir-humanity. The shameless mis-representation of Pre-Islamic history of India, must be brought to account, and the hundreds of thousands of mosques built, over demolished Hindu shrines, must be viewed as ugly & unjustified activity, and brought down swiftly. There is no justification for giving these rapacious & predatory Sullas , the status of honored citizens of India.

Islam in India has been & still is, a warped & unjust alien tyranny against the Hindu, it must be denounced & speedily gotten rid off. Phoney-Liberals who hide the barbaric acts of these alien tyrants, must be branded as guilty of high academic treason. These sycophants of pseudo-secularism have been parading Islam, as the great contributor to secularism in India, and that Islam & Hinduism are two sides of the same coin. No word or term is harsh enough to disapprove this wild hogwash.

6. Hindu must be presented with genuine history & truth, about the hell that the Hindu has gone through, during the last 1200 years of Islamic reign in India. This history must be recognized as a foundation subject for every citizen, especially for every Hindu in India. Any attempt to falsify history or to conceal the ugly & hideous record of evil-Islam, must be assiduously countered. India’s history must represent the cream of Hindu warriors, who had waged a relentless war against the Moslem invaders. This history must redound to the ringing credit of the Hindu warrior race, the Kashatriyas & the Rajputs who waged a relentless & dogged war of 1000 years, in an attempt to save the Vedic culture in a massive way.
Only the genuine & true history of India, can mould the character of the Hindu, to prepare him for the job that lies ahead. Hindu‘s job is to preserve the Vedic culture of India, and eliminate evil Islam from the length & breadth of India.

Surinder Paul Attri
surinder attri said…
Subj: Reaction to Shri Chaudhari's comment
1. Attriji
Unfortunately, there is a consistant and strenuous effort to drift the young mind away from our glorious past and achievements, but to inculcate in their psyche that we are a diluted lot and have nothing of our own to be proud of.
Please peruse this week's Organiser (25th Jan) www.organiser.org
BK Chaudhari
2. My Take:
Chaudhari Sahib:
There is ample evidence that, the phoney-liberal bunch of India, constantly undermines the dazzling past of the Hindu civilization, and purposely whacks what it refers to as, the lousy & less than perfect past of the Hindu. How can our Hindu boys feel any pride or success, in being a Hindu ?
Worse yet, a typical phoney-liberal, ignores the increasing incidences of street riots staged by Sullas on petty pretexts, explaining that Moslems are a poor & persecuted minority, entirely at the mercy of a “ brute Hindu majority, “ and that Moslem lives & property, are not safe in the face of, a rising tide of Hindu communalism.
3. This propaganda of the Phonies is pure Bull-sh**. The momentum of this mis-information must be broken, until its authors are vanquished and taken over by our Hindu batch.
Surinder Paul Attri
surinder attri said…
1. Dear Friends
Though I am quite impressed by the spiritual commitments of all of you, I feel it is time for some plain speaking and introspection. No spiritual pursuit can be sustained, nor is it possible to achieve any spiritual bliss, if there is no security of lives of the citizens - as happens to be the case today.
Please recall that when Rishi Vishwamitter found that Rakshasas will not allow him to carry on with his ' tapasya' and spiritual pursuits, he went to Maharaja Dashrath and sought the protection of his 2 warrior sons, Sri Rama and Lakshman so that they may ward off /kill the Rakshasas trying to disrupt the Rishi's yagna and tapasya.
It is time to learn the lesson that without armed protection no spiritual pursuit will be allowed by jihadis (read today's Rakshasas)
Ram rkohri@gmail.com

2. My Take:
I concur.

3. The account of Rishi Vishwamitter has a lesson for us. The watch-word is that:
“ The Yagna & Tapasya of the Brahmins can only be practiced/guaranteed, behind the shield of the Kashatriya.

4. If left to their own devices, the Rakshishas of Islam, who have a special command, to wage war against the Kafirs of the world, shall swallow the whole earth.

5. Therefore, Vedic guard & Kashatriya-Shield, “ Must “ be “ Awesome. “

Surinder Paul Attri

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