Launch of Hindu Samhati – A Report

Launch of Hindu Samhati – A Report

With incredible enthusiasm the new Hindu Social forum ‘Hindu Samhati’ was launched in Kolkata at the Bharat Sabha Hall (erstwhile Indian Association Hall) on the 14th of February, 2008. Belying all expectations the venue overflowed with supporters and activists and many willingly endured the entire 4 hour long session standing on their feet as seats were already filled up.

The session was convened by Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh and was conducted by Sri Upananda Brahmachari. Senior and prominent Hindu leaders from all over India attended this launch to address the gathering and to extend their support and solidarity towards the cause for which Sri Tapan Ghosh and his compatriots have instituted this forum.

Among the distinguished speakers were Swamy Ashimanandaji from Dangs, Gujarat; Smt. Himani Savarkar, All India Secretary, Hindu Mahasabha, Pune; Sri Pramod Mutalik, Chief of Hindu Rashtriya Sena, Bangalore; Swamy Pradiptanandaji, President, Bharat Sevashram Sangha, Murshidabad, West Bengal; Swamy Punyalokanandaji, Ramkrishna Ashram, Gorer Hat, West Bengal, Sri Bharat Bhai, Chief, Swamy Vivekanand Sanskar Kendra, Valsad, Gujarat; Sri Shailendra Jain, Bajrang Dal Prant Satsang Pramukh, Delhi; Sri Anil Lamba, President, Bharatiya Janashakti Yuva Morcha, Delhi Pradesh; Sri Sudhir Patel, Former Prant Samyojak, Bajrang Dal,South Bihar; Sri Vinay Singh, Rashtriya Swabhiman Andolan, Delhi; and other eminent guests from the city. Sri Govindacharya was expected to attend but he was detained in Prayag for some religious function , he sent his representative Sri Vinay Singh with his written message. Sri Balkrishna Naik, Jt. General Secretary of VHP, too sent his written message expressing his support and good wishes.

The venue practically overflowed with enthusiastic young supporters from surrounding districts and the city proper. The audience also included many distinguished activists and karyakartas of different Hindu Organisations, like senior Sangh Pracharak Sri Keshav Rao Dikshit, VHP West Bengal Secretary Sri Ajay Nandi, former ABVP State Secretary Sri Santanu Singha, former ABVP Kolkata City President Sri Joydeep Mitra, VHP State Vice President and prominent writer Dr. Radheshyam Brahmachari, Former VHP Mizoram Organizing Secretary Sri Joydeep Das, to mention a few.

All the speakers stressed that formations such as ‘Hindu Samhati’ are the need of the hour all over the country. Strident protests and massive movements are needed to counter the serious wrongs being done against the Hindu nation in the name of secularism and appeasement.

Sri Pramod Mutalik stressed that there is nothing called ‘Hard Hindutva or Soft Hindutva’, there is only Hindutva and this misguided pursuit of the so called soft Hindutva is forcing the Hindus to remain passive and inactive before dire provocation and aggression. Such inaction is making the Hindus lose their foothold on this land and is creating another ambience for the second partition of India. He reiterated that decisive action is the need of the hour if Hindus want themselves and their children to continue living in this land with honour and security.

In his address to the gathering Swamy Ashimanandaji said Hindus take great pride in their Dharma and derive a great satisfaction in being devout and observant of the rituals and ceremonies. But they forget that the Bhagvad Gita clearly states that resistance to injustice, oppression and aggression is the most exalted of all the dharmik activities. Anything and anybody that threatens the security and integrity of Dharma and the Samaj, should be confronted with an iron resolve. If one loves his/ her dharma one should be willing to do what is necessary to safeguard that object of veneration. He emphasized that it is time that the Hindus turn their attention to the proper injunctions of the Gita and other shastras rather than being immersed in passive rituals and bhajan-kirtans, while their land is being stolen from under their feet and their beloved Dharma is being assaulted with impunity.

In his concluding address Sri Tapan Ghosh stressed that it is a good thing Hindus should be organized but there sadly seems to be an over emphasis on organization and not on necessary action. He said that his 32 year long association as a Pracharak (full time worker) with the largest Hindu organizations of this country has made him realize that unfortunately organization and organizational activities has become a goal in itself, neglecting the dire need of proactive action. People organize themselves for a purpose and if the organization fails to meet and counter the threat that is being posed to the people, then the whole routine of organizing becomes purposeless. To put a stop to the extreme persecution and aggression against the Hindus in the villages and even in the cities, he emphasized, the only way to succor is to take proactive action. Hindus, he said, should stand up and be ready for any sacrifice to protect their hearth, home and honour. He also stressed that apart from the media even Hindu organizations are trying to suppress the incidents of rape, murder and persecution for the fear of being labeled anti-secular. Such a course of action is leading us to disaster. He said that there should be no suppression of the facts but a constant exposure and continuous dissemination of the news of such happenings is needed to awaken the people. Only such a course of action would precipitate the necessary preventive measures.

On a sombre note Sri Ghosh also added that the current situation is fast heading towards another partition of India in the near future and that is going to happen in the eastern region, especially in West Bengal and Assam. If such an event did come to pass, he stressed, he and his compatriots would not just remain mere spectators in the gallery but would be on the field, fighting to the finish to preserve the integrity of our motherland.

Apart from the discussions, the State Committee and the names of some district conveners were also declared in this meeting.

Hindu Samhati

Pictures from the programme on 14th Feb, 2008.

Gathering1-HS Meet

Public gathering at the programme

Gathering3-HS meet

Public gathering 2

Gathering4-HS meet

Public gathering 3 (a sizable part of the assembly had to

keep standing as all the seats were filled up)

Sri Pramod Mutalik, Chief of Hindu Rashtriya Sena, Karnataka, giving his speech.

Samrat Mondal  & Mother

Sri Samrat Mondal with his mother, this young boy (14 yrs) was doused with petrol and set alight when the local Muslims from his village tried to encroach on their land and evict his family from their home.

Sri Samrat Mondal showing his horrific scars to the gathering.

Hindu Samhati


pravin said…
I am in USA and I would like to contribute to the defense of Sadhvi Pragya and others who are being framed.Please get me in touch with Smt Himani Savarkar
surinder attri said…
By S.P. Attri ( USA )
1. Wave after wave of Moslem Jehadi brigands have, assaulted out sacred Bharat Varsha for over 12 centuries, with deadly weapons, murdering hundreds of millions of Kafir-Hindus, under the sword of Islamic bigotry and fanaticism of its Sulla followers. Lakhs & lakhs of Kafir-Hindus were taken prisoners, and made to say good-bye to their religion, to their hearths & homes, to be sold in Moslem countries as slaves, to serve their masters for their entire life. Lakhs & lakhs of Hindu women were made into widows, they were raped to satisfy the lust of Allah’s warriors. Millions & millions of innocent Kafir Hindu children were rendered orphans, and forced to lead a life of immorality, by the soldiers & guardians of Islam. This is what the Hindus has seen of Islam. This is what the Hindu has experienced of Islam. This is what the Moslems are doing in India even today, while boastfully claiming that:
Islam is a religion of Peace, Love, and Brotherhood.

2. It is pathetic that in spite of this horrible experience with Islam for over 12 centuries, we Hindus have not gotten our act together , to push majority of these worthless s.o.b ’s , these worthless beasts of Islam ( who are lower in rank than a pig ), out of India with the use of force, and to decimate the remaining good-for-nothing Sullas, with a double-dose of exclusivism & ostracism. Strange indeed !
Let it be understood that Islam cannot be eliminated from India, by ordinary civil methods. No way !

3. Undertaking this task is not too terrible a job , if we Hindus understand what our job is, for the betterment of our Hindu Order. But it is a heavy & husky job if, we remain in denial mode, and refuse to recognize & acknowledge the threat to the Hindu that, has been in existence for over 1200 years, the threat that should have been visible to the Hindu for all these years. Make no mistake about it. Hindu’s life shall remain in quiver & sizzle, until the Hindu gives up his “ Blind-Individualism, “ and his “ Selfishness “ where he puts priority on his welfare & the welfare of his family, but puts no priority on the welfare of his Hindu community.
To make this happen the Hindu shall have to re-arrange his priorities, and make bold & valiant decisions in his mind, that he is not going to tolerate any assault or assaults against his Hinduism, that he is not going to let the Sullas swallow the whole earth of our Bharat Varsha, that he is not going to take any Sh** from the damn Sulla.

4. The Hindu must consider that everything outside the welfare & power of Hinduism is bad, that Islam is a problem ( and has been a problem for over 1200 years ), and this problem must be eradicated.
Question: Can we Hindus live in peace with Islam ?
Answer: Can we live amicably with a religion, whose principle is intolerance & which says openly “ I will not tolerate you Kafir ” ?

Can Islam be made tolerant by education or by other ways ? No way ! Why ?
Because if Islam becomes peaceful or gives up its bellicosity & exclusivity, against the Kafir religions of the world, then there is no excuse for the existence of Islam. Islamic clergy would never vote for this ill-advised suggestion of shooting themselves in the foot. It is foolish to expect the Islamic clergy, to cut their own throat.

5. You can be sure, however, that Islamic clergy will, continue to make a pretense of Islam being a religion of :
“ Peace, Love,& Brotherhood. “

This is Not what Islam is, but that is what Moslems want you to believe Islam is.

Many Phoney-Liberal Hindu leaders also tout this phoney-baloney of Islam. Hindu must be alert against, hypnotic slogans of peace & co-existence with Sullas, mouthed by the Phoney-Liberal politicians. Their formulations are as phoney as a three-dollar bill, they are a bunch of liars. Hindu must dismiss their myths.

6. Hindu instead should concentrate on controlling his selfishness & his blind-individualism. He should faithfully fight the ideology & politics of Islam, and organize himself to demolish Islam totally out of India.

This would require extra-ordinary courage on the part of the Hindu, but it can certainly be generated.

Surinder Paul Attri
Unknown said…
gr8 work. pls go on with it.watever it takes.........
Vikas Singhal said…
I heartly appreciate the work of hindu samhati. Please go ahead the hindus aur with you. Only you can save the W. Bengal to becoming Bangladesh.

Jai Bangal
Jai Bharat
My email address is I want to contribute financially to support your 'Causes Beli'. Please write back how I can send funds.

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