Bihar village alleges missionaries harassing people

Prabhakar Kumar


May 03, 2008

MISSION SCARE: Anjoriya Devi alleges missionaries are harassing her.

Buxar: Residents of Parmanpur village in Bihar’s Buxar district have alleged that Christian missionaries lure them to convert and threaten them with violence if they don’t obey.

Anjoriya Devi’s husband died death eight years ago and she alleges he was beaten to death by goons hired by missionaries. "They beat up my husband when he refused to convert to Christianity. They have threatened me too," alleges Anjoriya.

Mithilesh Kumar, another resident of the village, alleges the missionaries tried to lure him by offering him a job. “They said if I remain a Hindu, I will remain unemployed and poor. They said I would have money and a job if I converted to Christianity,” he alleges.

Police in the village say they have arrested two persons after investigating complaints. “Investigations confirm there have been instances of conversion by intimidation. We have arrested two persons,” said Koran Sahay, officer in charge of the local Kuran Sarai police station.

Missionaries in the village reject the allegations and claim they are being framed. “We have done no such thing. We are victims of a conspiracy,” said Shyamshun Dayal Ishai, a missionary accused of intimidation.

The villagers allegation could snowball into major controversy, as it will give excuse Hindu outfits to renew their demand for an anti-conversion Bill.



Watch the Video of this outrageous incident here:-


Here's the URL of the video.

Do we still keep believing the missionary fiction that conversions are a matter of personal choice and no inducements or intimidation is involved?

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