Hindu Samhati leader Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh and others freed on bail.

In a happy turn of events on the 27th of June, 2008, Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh and others who were incarcerated in the Diamond Harbour Jail for the Gangasagar incident, were freed on bail. At the hearing at Kakdwip Court yesterday all the accused (falsely) persons for the Gangasagar incident of June 12th were freed on personal bail bonds of Rs.1000/- each. As expected, the West Bengal Police could not substantiate any of the 'heavy duty' charges they had levelled against Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh and others; and were roundly reprimanded by the judge.

The accused who were freed on bail are:

  1. Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh
  2. Sri Sundar Gopal Das
  3. Sri Amal Bose
  4. Sri Prasenjit Sardar
  5. Sri Jagannath Ash
  6. Sri Pintu Das
  7. Sri Samir Mondal
  8. Sri Dulal Sardar
  9. Sri Kamal Sardar
  10. Sri Mukunda Kolay
  11. Sri Ram Naskar
  12. Sri Prasenjit Haoladar
  13. Sri Bappa Samanta
  14. Sri Swapan Mondal
  15. Sri Gaur Das


vikramsjn said…
Media did a blackout on this incident and most over the country were not aware of this at all

If it really was true incident then why don't you invest efforts to bring this out in public ... media
Shanth said…
The media is controlled by COmmies, Jihadis and Missionaries and we cannot expect anything else from them. Odds are heavily stacked against Hindus in India. WAKE UP HINDUS
Unknown said…
@ vikramsjn
NDTV covered the incident in a very short form. And their pics have been duly acknowledged. The rest of the media has decided on a conspiracy of silence. They blackout anything Hindu, until the issue explodes and goes out of hand. Then of course the hindus are to blame.

We take exception to your comment 'if it really was true'. We have put up the pictures to prove our coverage. Both on the spot and at the hospital. Now you decide whether it is true or not.

Today internet is as big a medium as the MSM, if not bigger. That is why such incidents can no longer be suppressed, inspite of the best efforts of the MSM.

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