ALERT-----Hindu Festival Attacked in West Bengal:; Hindus Killed and Multiple Hindu Women Raped !

  • A major Hindu festival in Burdhawan District of West Bengal has been attacked by Muslim fundamentalists which occurred on and after June 6th. We are investigating the incidents in details:
  • The festival occurs over a large area and in several places (Festival is known as BuroRajer Mela under Purbastali Police Station in Burdhawan District.)
  • In several locales of the Festival, Muslims attacked and tortured the Hindu pilgrims.
  • Multiple Hindu women were gang-raped in the jute fields.
  • Blood stains are found in the jute fields. It is suspected that many deadbodies are burried under soil.
  • In nearby Patuli rail station, Muslims attacked Hindu pilgrims. Many compartments containing the Hindu pilgrims were broken.
  • The whole incident is well planned and executed by a local political leader named Mohammed Khalilur Rahaman, a known Islamic fundamentalist and a leader of the Muslim community
  • The final target of the whole series of events is to break the morale of the Bengali Yadav (Goala) community.
  • Hindu Samhati Teams will be investigating the incidents on the ground and will submit detailed reports on the atrocities. Please help us with publicity and morale.


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