AILA Relief --- PHASE 3

In continuation of its extended Aila Relief Work Hindu Samhati Workers penetrated some far reached areas of Sandeshkhali and Hingalganj Block in North 24 Parganas. On 04th June Hindu Samhati (HS) Relief Friends reached Malancha to join the local HS Workers to march towards Bermajur in Sandeshkhali II Block.

At Bermajur some 300 affected tribal people gheraoed Samhati Truck fully loaded with relief materials including dry foods, milk, medicines and ORS. The Aila affected tribal people were demanding some food and medical assistance as the Govt and other assistances are scanty and highly irregular. But When it was told that this relief team will go to Bermajur Dambalpara and Majherpara, the agitated people sympathetically allow HS team to venture there as no relief team covered those places yet.

As soon as a group of agile and dedicated workers left Bermajur Natun Bazar towards Dambalpara, Dr. Druba Mahajan and Upananda Brahmachari started a medical assistance camp in the near by fish market (though closed since the Aila Devastation on 25th May,09), where more than 100 patients were served with medicines, ORS, and Halazone tablets.

Though Majherpara-Dambalpara was a toughest place to reach, the relief team lead by Sujit Maity and Prokash Das reached there taking the relief materials by head-load and ‘shalti’- a small type of small boat, after exploring the waist level flood water stagnant there.

Another team distributed relief material at Gholapara Jhupkhali Boyra Para. Dr. Subhankar Biswas always volunteered to reach the most difficult areas to extend every possible medical assistance to the affected people on this day.

Form Bermajur area the HS team reached at Dhamakhali in order to cross the river Bidyadhari to station at Khulna island, another land of devastation in Aila storm.

As The Governor of West Bengal Sri Gopal Krishna Ghandhi reached Sandeshkhali this day, the police contingent over acted upon the relief team to reach them to Dhamakhali Jetty Ghat for crossing the river to reach other side for relief work. However, the HS Relief Team crossed the river hiring a boat from an unusual point at the muddy embankment taking a high risk.

In this island of Khulna (not in Bangladesh), the storm made a havoc and huge fertile lands have been spoilt under saline flood water. It was an unbearable situation to see, where the water logged affected people could not able to cook any food since the Aila Day. Hindu Samhati Relief Team reached South Banshtala, Bouthakurani, Bhandarkhali, Routpara, Basur More and Colony Para, all situated either or in a critical juncture of Sandeshkhali, Hasnabad and Hingalganj Blocks.

The local people and obviously some mothers helped the HS Team for distributing relief and preparing milk, etc. Samir Guha Roy, Prasenjit Samanta from Kolkata and Amlan, Ramkrishna, Pradip, Mrityunjay at the local level took a high initiative for this day towards an all round success of this Seva Day by all joint hands of the local Hindu Samhati workers. The total no. of 2000 people were benefited in 7 places out of this relief work on 3rd June.

In this phase a total of 42 workers participated in the relief work including 7 from Kolkata.

At the time of preparing this report, news came to Tapan Ghosh, President, Hindu Samhati, that a full fledged Relief Work is going today on 04th May at Atapur area in Khulna island in Sandeskhali II Block. Here 500 people were served with dry food and medicines.


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