Independence Day or Divide India Day ???

When this article will reach the readers, the festival of Indian Independence will be celebrated throughout the world. But we have to ponder over one thing-that is on the success or failure of the point from where we started the journey. Today after elapsing of six decades of independence we have to take account of it. The race or nation which does take account of this results in an end.

The proposal of “Purna Swaraj” was taken at the Lahore session in January, 1930. The proposal was read by Nehru. The Land on which first tricolor of Independent India was hoisted & the land of Chittagong on which Revolutionary Surya Sen fought on 18th April, 1930, the tricolor of Independent India does not fly there. It is the story of midnight of 23rd march, 1931. British Govt. carries away three dead bodies wrapped in black clothes surreptitiously in deep blackness of dead night in Lahore. Three dead bodies were of Sukdeb, Rajguru & Bhagat Singh. On that day, those three persons were hanged in Lahore Central Jail. Pritilata of 21, drove her face on the lap of Pahartali, Chittagong after Consuming Potassium Cyanide. She wrote in a note “so many sons have surrendered their lives for the Independence of ‘Bharat Mata’ but no daughter till now.” On 24th, 1932, the girl, who was lying dead grasping the soil(The Mother) is Pritilata Waddedar. Where is that place! The sub-urban area of Chittagong named, Pahartali lies in Islamic bangladesh. These types of dreaded fights for independence were fought by the sons & daughters of Mother India for two hundred years against the British. But where such incidents happened now fall in Lahore & Chittgong went outside the borders of India? Who will resist the attack of cancer in the amputated bleeding organ of Mother India.

In that Lahore, the proposal of ‘Pakistan’ was passed in 1940. How did it get success only within only seven years? The only way, that was ‘Direct Action.’ The ‘Great Calcutta Killing’ of 1946 & the Noakhali Riot. The intellectuals got frightened by it. Gandhi reacted after Pakistan Proposal by stating that if the country got divided , it would take place on his dead body. Nehru who proposed ‘Purna Swaraj’ in Lahore, ended all efforts by buckling under pressure of division of independence. Those who accepted this divided Independence got everything, but lost nothing. But those who became refugees, who were hanged & gave blood in exchange of this divided Independence. Subsequently they surrendered their lives by the bullets in Dandakaranya, Nainitaal & Marichjhapi. And after getting their own country by partition, who remained in this country, they are now privileged ‘minority’. Rest loses their right to live in the place where this ‘minority’ gets majority. Kashmiri Hindu Pandits got refugee in Delhi in one day’s notice. In more than hundred Blocks in West Bengal, ‘minority’ became majority. So many villages having name Brahmanakhanda, Ramkrisnapur & Yajnapur are not inhabited by a single Hindu. Like Magrahat – I Block, in so many Blocks, there are a large number of empty houses, the houses of Hindus. Where did they go? They went to the nearby villages, not in America for better lives, but for saving the chastity of their women. Three Districts of West Bengal are Muslim majority. So there is conspiracy to change the name of Murshidabad to Muslimabad. Religion is private matter, Country is for all – Hindus think that, but Muslims do not.

So being Bengali they cannot live in one Bengal. They are Muslims at the beginning & also at the end. Highly intellectual Bengalis for their Hindu origin, get tortured in Bangladesh & come to this Bengal to celebrate “Bhasa Divas” & to celebrate ‘Dalit-Muslim Unity’. So there is Hindu Land grabbing in villages after villages in West Bengal, desecration of temples & kidnapping of Hindu women. The Hindus of Murshidabad get frightened by the slogan “Taka rakhbi Bank-e, Goru rakhbi Camp-e, Bou rakhbi kothai” (money will be kept at the Banks, cows at the camps (of BSF) where will you keep wives?)

There is protest against sacrifice of animals in the temple. But in the case of cow-slaughter, all are silent. So for slaughtering calf, Sujata, Kujata(of bad origin), Suchetana, Teesta,& Feresta keep silence. As if, they have no right. All rights are reserved for Aftab, Afjal, Ajmal, Rukbanur, Rizwanur, Rubiya, Rejaul, Ishrat & Sohrabuddin. All sheds tear for these persons. Acts are impotent here. Those who will go to save the country from the terrorists, will face interrogation. He may be Srikanta, Sukanta, Sourav Kalia, Mohan chand Sharma or Banjara, but they will not be given proper respect if they are killed. If alive, legal action will be taken against them. In this context, one Police Officer said, in near future Hindus will become minority. So today, there should be commitment for new freedom struggle against Arab Imperialism.


Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
How can people be so dump?

One plausible explanation for this is failure of media to report unbiased. To report the news as it happened.

It is not just the politicians for this present day crisis but also media.

They report a crime in two different ways: one when Hindus commit and another when Muslims commit. The worst part is when that crime is committed by Muslims, it need not be reported at all because reporting on crimes by Muslims strengthens Hindu extremists as if fighting for their existence is a crime.

Common people form the opinions from the input available to them and in this case media is the biggest culprit.

Three districts in West Bengal and 7 districts in Assam are Muslim majority.

Probably there are no dumb politicians than Hindu politicians? After 63 years of independence we created potentially 2 more Kashmirs.

Is there any country which achieved this dubious distinction?

When presented with this info. to some people, they just say we used to be a single country once, so why oppose them (immigrants) now?
Anonymous said…
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