Murshidabad Now Muslimabad - Impending Danger

Murshidabad already has the highest concentration of Muslims among the three Muslim majority districts of the State. Now, the District Magistrate Pervez Ahmed Siddiqui wants the district to be officially named as Muslimabad.

According to a report published in the Dainik Statesman on 29th July, the DM in a letter to the concerned officials regarding the extension of the deadline for the correction of the electoral list, has referred to the district as Muslimabad except for the subject line. Surprisingly, all the concerned officials have countersigned the letter without any objection.

Though the DM has been quick to dismiss it as an editing faux pas, is it that really a sign of frivolousness? If that be so then why the correct name has been used in the subject line? The answer lies elsewhere. It is a part of the sinister ploy to carve out another Pakistan. In 1947, when a Pakistan, comprising of the Muslim majority areas was proposed, the (Hindu) leadership had dismissed it as a 'fantastic nonsense'. Now, another alarm has sounded on the eve of the Independence Day.

Some time back, a religious institution had created a tension by supplying globes to educational institutions that showed Murshidabad as a sovereign Muslim State. The administration was inactive, as usual.

translated from Bengali--Samhati Sambad--August 2010--


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