Our Struggle --- Third Year of Hindu Samhati

It’s another 14th February and with it the foundation day of Hindu Samhati will be commemorated with grandeur yet again. Nevertheless, there is a difference this year. The coming 14 th February marks the third year of the organization; an organization that has traveled a lot from its nascent stage and the journey has never been smooth apparently. It may sound strange to many these days but in fact, within four months of the official proclamation of Hindu Samhati, it was attacked by Islamic fundamentalists in Ganga Sagar. And as a result, 15 of its most committed workers along with Tapan Ghosh, founder of the organization, were put behind bars without reason.

It was the beginning of an arduous journey and Hindu Samhati has been able to prove its virility and worth beyond doubt. Now we are heading towards Raja Subodh Mallick Square in Kolkata, venue to hold the coming convention. Tens of thousands of Hindus are sure to arrive at the said venue and strengthen the movement. Now the question remains – why would they come and what makes us go through this troublesome journey.

If you have the desire to know the same, you have to get acquainted with our mission before anything. And our dedication to strive to attain the same has been the greatest reason for the success thus far. The mission is to save Hindus in Bengal from religious persecution and affronts of iconoclasts or Islamic supremacists' torments that have been going on for centuries at a stretch. There is simply no end to the same!

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knowing islam said…
Good to see more people joining this website.

Please spread this website and make decent arguments to see ignorants see the dangers. For, this we do not have to lie.
HinduBengal said…
Hindu Samhati has a long way to go. Nonetheless,a slow but steady Hindu Resurgence is on course in West Bengal(after Deganga anti-hindu Riots).
Unknown said…
Hindu Samhati is the only force behind bengali hindus fighting against islamists
Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
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