Rakhi --- Promise to Protect the Indian Motherland

13th August was Rakhi-Bandhan. On 14th August, Secular India was carved up to appease the Islamist activists to create Islamic Pakistan. And with Pakistan's birth, the Congress Party gained control of India.

15th August is a day of Suffering, Tragedy and Remembrance for us. All of this was made in practical on 'The Great Calcutta Killing" of 16th August, 1946 via the genocide enacted in Kolkata.

We must not have infamous August 16th occur again on the holy land of Bengal. In 1905, Gurudeb Rabindranath Tagore initiated Rakhi Bandhan as a public festival to halt the disection of the Bengali Motherland.

In commemoration of the world renowned poet's 150th birth anniversary, and of the Holy Rakhi Festival, Hindu Samhati Appeals to all of Hindu Society to place the Rakhi-Band on the right hand of every Hindu Brother. And by tying the Sacred Rakhi let us Promise that We Will Protect Mother Bengal and Mother India.


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