Terrible struggle in Joynagar saves Hindu housewife from molestation

Mrs. Manu Naskar (25 year old), wife of Kartik Naskar, is a resident of Nimpith village under Block – II of Joynagar police station in 24 Paraganas (South) district. On 9th August at around 8:30 pm, she was returning from Nimpith market where the couple owns a retail garments store. Once Manu reached Ramkrishna Ashram Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Nimpith, she noticed that 3 youths, who were later identified as Muslims, were following her on a motorbike. Soon, they grabbed one end of her sari and also molested her. Sensing trouble, she called the local youth activist of Hindu Samhati, Kripa Sindhu Halder, for help while the miscreants parked their motorcycle a few yards away and advanced towards a petrified Manu. Halder gathered few of his friends and rushed to the spot and found helpless Manu Naskar encircled by the miscreants.

After saving the victim, Halder went to the local C.I. office and sought help of RAF personnel stationed there. They also joined the local brigade of resistance youth group and got hold of two of the culprits. RAF personnel thrashed both of them and submitted them to Joynagar police station. A complaint in this regard was lodged at 11 pm. However, in order to impede the legal procedures more than 150 Muslims youths of nearby Purkaitpara, Hagurepara and Mistripara localities attacked Halder and his associates. To protect themselves, local Hindus raised a strong defense and finally became successful in overpowering the assailants. In the ensuing brawl, 2 Muslim youths got unconscious and were admitted to Nimpith Hospital. Later on, the condition of one of the injured worsened and was transferred to Satyajit Nursing Home in Joynagar and is reportedly still there. The other one was released on the following day. However, Abul Basher Mullah, local leader of minority cell of Trinamool Congress (TMC), and Ghototkoch Halder, another leader of TMC and also an ex-member of local Block, managed to release of two arrested youths from Joynagar police station on personal bonds on the next day. Nevertheless, tension prevails in the locality yet and chances of troubles are rising.


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