Land grabbed forcefully to make local club in Kumargunj, Tamluk

Protesters thrashed mercilessly

Kumargunj under the jurisdiction of P.S. Tamluk, Block: Tamluk, District: Midnapur (East) experienced a brawl between two religious communities leading to a violent clash around 5 pm on September 9, 2013. It has come to knowledge, the problem started when a few Muslim youths asked a Hindu trader of Kumarganj market to either close down or relocate his shop to somewhere else to make their own club there. Dipankar Das, owner of the shop and also a supporter of Trinamool Congress, denied the offer flatly ensuing a heated argument. Dipankar was also joined by a few people soon and he decided not to give up. Finding it hard to deal with Dipankar, Muslim youths went back to their area only to return with more rowdies. While the fracas was in full swing, someone struck Dipakar with a rod. He fell on the ground and fled. But others supporting him then were not spared. They were beaten black and blue with all kinds of blunt instruments.

Four in the crowd supporting Dipankar got injured as a result. They include Gokul Adak (age 50), Surya Maity (age 45), Rabin Maity (age 45), Prashanta Maity (age 45). The inhuman thrashing raised an alarm in the locality and finding more people advancing to save aforesaid people, culprits fled. Injured persons were shifted to local primary health center and then to the city hospital. Enraged Hindus blocked the road for a few minutes as a mark of protest but it ended soon due to police interference. RAF has also been deployed to maintain law and order in the area but no efforts to arrest the miscreants led by Rohul Amin Gain, Abdul Hamid Gain, Sheikh Farid Ali and Julfikar Ali (all workers of Trinamool Congress) into custody have been witnessed. These are four dreaded rowdies and also identified as accomplices in the crime. But police and administration is more interested to admonish local Hindus.

As per fresh reports, police refused to accept any letter of complaint from Hindus and the shop of Dipankar has been seized forcefully by now.  Many incidents in recent times demonstrate that the Hindus cannot expect any justice or equal treatment in East Medinipur district under present TMC regime as it was in the past Left Front period. 


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