Another victim of Love Jihad recovered from Jalpaiguri while police drags its feet in taking action

Archana Biswas, 17 year old daughter of Haridas Biswas, is blind and lives in the village of Uttar Mahakalguri of Shamuktala police station in the district of Jalpaiguri. She is a student of Class VIII at Shamuktala Girls’ School and is known to be a polite, decent girl in the neighbourhood as well. She got introduced to 19 year old Amjad Ali living in the village of Barokata of Shamuktala police station following the marriage ceremony of a girl from Amjad’s village into her native place at Uttar Mahakalguri. Amjad used to frequently visit Uttar Mahakalguri but feigned as a Hindu to endear himself to Archana. During his encounters with Archana, he also promised to marry her come what may. On 20th September, 2013, it has come to knowledge that Amjad asked Archana to visit Kamakhyaguri under the jurisdiction of the police station of Kumargram. Back home after failing to notice her, Archana’s relatives and neighbours started an intense search to find her. Soon the entire episode of Archana’s contact with Amjad became known and those in the know-how of the episodes, which included residents of Amjad’s village, identified Archana’s contact as none but Amjad Ali. However, no official complaint could be lodged in Shamuktala police station as the case had already been handed over to Kumargram. A police team from Bhatibari, which is a police outpost of Kumargram station, went to Barokata seeking whereabouts of Amjad or his family members. In order to facilitate Archana’s return, the police officials asked Amjad’s neighbours to inform the concerned family of the case’s intensity and the potential for communal confrontation with members of Hindu community angered by the incident.  

Debtan Roy, the person in charge of Kamakhyaguri outpost, has already confirmed that Archana has been recovered around 3 am on 25thof September but he is not ready to consider this as a case of kidnapping, even though Archana is a minor! No official complaint of Archana’s family has been accepted by the police officials yet. Instead, the hapless parents of Archana are being warned of not to speak out against this incident and help reduce culpability of Amjad Ali. At the time of reporting, it has been noted that Amjad has finally be detained at Alipurduar while the girl has been returned to her family.

Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.


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