Innocent auto-rickshaw driver almost lynched in Bagda

On 19th September at around 11.30 pm, Makhan Sarkar (age 47), resident of Amdoba village under the jurisdiction of Bagda police station in the district of 24 Paraganas (North) was returning from nearby Helenchbazar in his own auto rickshaw. Makhan had gone to the market to listen to Baul or folk songs that are characteristic of rural Bengal. He was driving fast but midway at Malipota in Dhutraberia, he was stopped by 4 persons who happened to be his next-door neighbours. After Makhan asked them about the reason for stopping his vehicle, all of them pounced down on Makhan as if to kill him. The assailants were Banki Billa Mandal, son of Kousher Ali Mandal, Samsuddin Mandal, son of Rezzaq Mandal, Mafizul Mullah, son of Syed Ali Mullah, Ramjan Ali Mir, son of Moniruddin Mir. It has been learnt later on that the attack was neither a spontaneous act of any provocation nor an attempt to rob Makhan but a carefully executed plan to murder him and seize his auto rickshaw. With this end in view, the four culprits dragged Makhan out of the vehicle and started beating him mercilessly with iron rods. Not a single portion of his body was spared and he got heavy injuries on both eyes and shoulders as a result of the attack. As blood poured out of his eye, the thrashing on innocent Makhan went on. At this time iron rods were replaced by bamboo sticks and his throat was also squeezed to asphyxiate him. Innocent Makhan started crying for help that fell on the deaf ears of the assailants. Fortunately for Makhan, hearing such a desperate call at late night, a few people of the area rushed to the spot. They included Ranjan Mallik, son of Bijoy Mallik, Pintu Sarkar, son of Kartik Sarkar. Apprehending danger, the four culprits left the spot but after looting Rs. 2500 from Makhan and breaking window pane of the vehicle. 

Makhan Sarkar was admitted to Bagda hospital where he underwent fast medical treatment but his condition continued to worsen and at the time of reporting, he remains in a critical condition fighting death. But what astounded all was the indisposition of police to lodge a complaint and only after many deliberations only a general diary was filed. The development infuriated the local people and activists of Hindu Samhati requested police officers to lodge an FIR but no one among the police considered it as essential. Only when police officials were reminded that only a diary may aggravate situation in Malipota, known for frequent communal clashes and deployment of RAF forces to quell those, a change took place. Finally, an FIR no. 628 under 341, 325, 379, 427, 349 sections of IPC was lodged on 23rd September. But culprits are yet to be detained while Makhan Sarkar writhes under a critical condition in the Bagda Hospital. 

Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.


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