Jamiat’s rally takes over Kolkata ; results in vandalism. Citizens pay the price of secularism

It was supposed to be a peaceful protest by Jamiat Ulama-e-hind. According to their posters and the speeches made by them previously, their main three agendas were -
1. Securing the bright future of Madrasas.
2. The way Holy Quran & Hadis has been maligned, (we don’t know who did that & where)
     to protest against that.
3. National integrity & unity (They did not mention which nation!!).

Just read their posters and hear what they say. One need not to be a Political master mind to see through their game plan& real agenda. The only thing these so called “Peaceful” “Secular” Protestor’s were interested in was showing of their strength, man power, political domination & monetary capacity. And they were ‘successful’! Although it is hard to a get an unbiased account of attendant’s; it is no less than 50,000. Maulana Siidiqulla said that “India is our country. This is our birth place. We will not let it become a Hindu country”. But in Sahid Minar Ground it was hard to figure out whether it is Pakistan or India, whether it is a political cum social protest or Muslim religious celebration with the Never ending “Alla-Hu-Akbar”. If anyone did come for protests of any kind, they would take home a very radicalized version of a certain religion. Still, they are the ‘secular’.
Huge number of Muslims from all over West Bengal turned up for the meeting. The outcome of this rally was unbelievable! Kolkata traffic was fully choked. The rallyists parked buses, cars, matadors and trucks on the Maidan, which is directly in violation with the high court’s ban. They even parked outside ‘Fort William’, Which puts a grave threat on our national security. It forced the Army to deploy Military Police. One Bengali TV channel’s (24 Ghanta) car has been attacked by mob. 4 reporters and cameramen were seriously injured in this attack. One reporter of this channel alleged that mob attempted to kill them. Their camera and car was also brutalized by the mob. It keeps going & the toll of victims keeps rising. The police who were posted at the Sahid Minar ground for their protection were attacked without any warning or provocation. Well may be that is how India is getting united! Eleven cops including three IPS officers were injured in brick batting and 13 police vehicles damaged. Journalists were attacked for "intruding on the space meant for rallyists”. Jamiat leader Siddiqullah Chowdhury blamed police for the violence, which does not comes as a surprise.
But it’s not all dark. Bengal is rising. They are trying to get back to their way of life. The cops were in a meeting in Lalbazar Police HQ to find out where it all went wrong.
 To save their faces from this embarrassment cops have decided to restore some pride and have filed two FIRs with 12 serious charges. And for the first time, media has taken a nationalistic stance. TOI wrote “Jamiat holds Kolkata hostage, President Pranab Mukherjee forced to change route”. Indian Express sees it as “JUH rally protesting ‘campaign against madrasas’ targets police”. The prominent Bengali news papers has also reported this news harshly. The traitors must not go unpunished. When we contacted activist Mr. Tapan Ghosh about this incident and asked him what happened, he put it in a very humorous way “Secularism er ful futeche!” (The flowers of secularism is blooming), sarcastically no doubt. He assured us that he himself and “Hindu Samhati” will keep up their fight for righteousness, and a true, united Bharat.

So, the society is waking up to this Islamic radicalism. But until they take their protest to the grass-root level these kinds of atrocities will not stop.  Call it a price of secularism.



Vijayalakshmi said…

So Mamta Khatoon allowed this Muslim rally, but she did not allow BJP rally, the same way Jayalalitha disallowed RSS route march in Chennai. Every where in India, pseudo-secular scoundrels deny equal rights to Hindus, in spite of court orders.This is why Hindus must unite and vote en masse for a truly secular party,which is only BJP.

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