Hindu Religious Deities of Durga Puja Desecrated In Sodepur, West Bengal

Oct 16, 2015 - Published by Hindu Samhati Global Media

Reports of several incidents regarding desecration of Maa Durga's idol are coming from different areas of the State of West Bengal. In the most cases, when reported, police is apathetic to catch the perpetrators and advising the complainants to disturb communal harmony.
Last night, murthis of Ganesha, Laxmi, Sarawati & Kartik were thrashed at Sodepur under Pursura PS in the district of Hooghly. Hindus in that area became very furious and they approached police to nab culprits. Surprisingly, police advised them not to make a issue of it and offered them financial assistance. Villagers strongly refused the offer and organized road-block demanding arrest of the culprits. The blockade was withdrawn later after police assured them of arresting the culprits.

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I have compiled a list of 100+ shocking incidents related to the impact of Islamic Fundamentalism in West Bengal in terms of 6 dimensions.

Islamic Fundamentalism in West Bengal - The Ultimate Resource

- Attacks on Hindus by Islamists
- Hindu Festival Attacks by Islamists
- Hindu Temple Vandalism by Islamists
- Islamic Fundamentalism, Intolerance and Terrorism
- Rape, Abduction and Love Jihad
- Riots by Jihadis

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