Press Release: Hindu Temples Ransacked and Desecrated in West Bengal

Resurgent Hindu Community in Howrah Resists Valiantly

The religious persecution on the Hindu community has been unabated in the Muslim majority nation of Bangladesh, but the same gruesome incidents are happening in West Bengal state of India as well.

In Chak Kashi area of Chengail in Howrah district, a major communal flareup was created by an Islamic activist group. In the Jute Mill area, during the Muslim Muharram procession on 8 January afternoon, these activists attacked Hindu religious places and residential areas, leading to utter chaos and disorder.

The virulent and sinister activist mob desecrated the revered Hindu deities in Shani temple and Hanuman temple. The Hindu community resisted courageously and the Muslim zealots were countered and beaten black and blue.

Over ten Hindu-owned shops and homes were set on fire by the religious Islamists. The District in charge (DM) is Khalil Ahmed, a Muslim. The situation is tense and curfew has been clampled in the area, and a huge police contingent including Rapid Action Force, a special Indian elite police group, has been deployed in the area to terrorize local Hindus so that they can not protest or publicize this inhumane event.

Posted by Hindu Samhati's International Communications Team


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