Shri Tapan Ghosh’s presentation at the Viraat Hindu Sabha – Chennai.


Chennai, India, January 3, 2008

Chennai hosted intellectuals and topical experts from all over the world, who came together to discuss issues and challenges to the global Hindu community, at the Viraat Hindu Sabha (Greater Hindu Assembly), between December 27-28, 2008. The meet was hosted at the Ashoka Hotel, Chennai.

The inaugural speech was given by Shri Mallai Mannan and the sessions were co-ordinated by Shri Shiv Shakti. Prominent speakers includied Shri RK Ohri (Retd. IPS), Prof Radheysham Brahmachari and Shri Tathagata Roy. Insightful presentations were also made by scholars like Rupali Bhalla Mathur, Papiya Mitra, Dr Saurav Basu, Sondip Patra and Sudheer Birodkar.

On behalf of Hindu Samhati, Shri Tapan Ghosh presented a paper on "Political challenges before Hindu Society". The presentation focused on the need for the Hindu community to re-evaluate the role of Hinduism in the socio-political context of India under demographic assault from the Islamic community, the increasing atrocities on Hindus and the inability of successive Indian governments to prevent them.

Shri Ghosh lamented the lack of debate in the past, on the nature of India and its nationhood. He felt that inspite of Savarkar, Ambedkar and Jinnah's efforts to bring forth rigor to this definition in their own ways, both Nehru and Gandhi preferred to overlook this topic. The resultant confusion, Shri Ghosh felt, is the primary reason, for India's inability to solve its security nightmare. The entire nation has been living in denial about its Hindu identity and that in turn is reflected in its political discourse. One example he gave was that of how Indian political leaders interact with Pakistan and Bangladesh.

While former Prime Minister Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee had no qualms visiting and kissing the Minaar-e-Pakistan, a monument proclaiming Islamic exclusivism, his Chief Advisor Shri Brajesh Mishra refused to express solidarity with the severely persecuted Hindu community in Bangladesh by paying even a token visit to the Dhakeshwari  Temple, on his trip to Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Shri Tapan Ghosh called upon similar anecdotes from his decades of experience as a grassroots Hindu Rights activist, to outline the need for the Hindu society to unite and strive for infusing Dharma into all aspects Indian nationhood. He lambasted the mainstream politiical parties in India, for not honestly caring for the well being 85% of India's population.

The audience response was positive and encouraging.



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