American Hindus Express Solidarity with Bengali Hindus on the Second Anniversary of Hindu Samhati

My Dear Hindu Brothers and Sisters in Bengal: Saadar Pranaam!

  • On behalf of the Hindus in America and the Indian American Intellectuals Forum, it gives me a great pleasure to know that on February 14th the Hindu Samhati has successfully completed two years of its valuable service to Hindu Samaj.
  • We are happy to note that in these two years the Hindu Samhati has awakened a new sense of confidence and pride in the Hindu people of Bengal. Bengali Hindus now feel themselves confident and a power to reckon with.
  • We from America congratulate you for reinforcing a sense of unity and consolidation within the ranks of Hindu society in Bengal.
  • As you are fully aware we are the worthy descendants of great Rishis and Munis of Bharat. Our Hindu Dharma is the mother of all religions. It has no rigid dogmas and it adjusts itself with the needs of the time and situations.
  • The history is testimony to the fact that whenever there was a decline of Dharma and the Adharmic forces rose, Dharma has organized and mobilized itself to establish its supremacy over the Adharmic forces.
  • In 17th Century when Hindus were suffocating under Islamic domination and there was absolutely no ray of hope, Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the great Hindu warrior, rose in Maharashtra to root out the powerful and cruel Islamic rule in India. When Sikh Guru Teg Bahadur was martyred by Muslim rulers in Delhi, his son Guru Gobind Singh ji transformed the Hindus into Khalsa, rejuvenated them, and created a human wall of warriors on the Northwest frontier of India. Sikh Army chased out the Islamic invaders all the way back to Afghanistan and saved the Hindu Dharma.
  • Still more recently, the Bengali Hindu revolutionaries have played a crucial role in India’s long freedom struggle. At one point, the entire India was looking to Bengal for inspiration and direction.
  • Bengal has given India many leaders. The multi-faceted luminary like Sri Aurobindo Ghose was a freedom fighter, poet, scholar, yogi and a philosopher.
  • Swami Vivekananda, another very famous Bengali before Aurobindo, was the living embodiment of sacrifice, chivalry and fearlessness. His powerful words uttered a one hundred years ago are stilling ringing in the hearts of millions of Hindus to galvanize the Hindu nation:
­ “Do you feel in the heart of your hearts the pangs and sufferings of your fellow brothers and sisters? If so, why are you not doing anything for them? Be at once active and dedicate yourself in their service.”

­ “This is no time to sleep. On our work depends the coming of India of the future. Arise, Awake and Stop not till thy goal is reached.”

  • Still more recently, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, the great revolutionary who established the Indian National Army, fought ferociously against the British Imperialism. His famous call to countrymen was, “Give me blood and I’ll give you freedom.”
  • Unfortunately, at this moment, Hindus in India find themselves completely leaderless and rudderless. They are looking for the courageous leadership and an immediate action. Obviously, they are looking towards the Bengal for it. Can we in America hope that the Hindu Samhati of Bengal will step forward and fulfill that expectation of the countrymen?
  • In these times, Hindus are at the crossroads of history. They are under siege again. They are being attacked from the within and without. An undeclared war has been imposed on them. Hindu has to identify his enemies and formulate an effective strategy to face them. To that effect, every Hindu has to work with other Hindu groups who are trying to do the same.
  • Hindus – in their very own country – are being controlled, manipulated and ruled by the minorities. They feel suffocated. The influx of 50 million Bangladeshi Muslims inside the West Bengal has added another serious dimension of terrorism to the earlier law and order problem.
  • The only way to handle these situations is for Hindu to take the political power in his own hands and establish a pro-Hindu government in country. Actually, this could easily be done by using the voting power of Hindus who form 85% of India’s population.
  • Once again, we commend the courageous and brave groups like Hindu Samhati who have been doing a laudable work to unite the Hindus. We congratulate you for your indomitable determination, unshakeable courage and strong will power to strive for winning the political power and freedom for Hindus in India.
  • We have to be ready to play the role of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Guru Govind Singh ji, Subhash Chandra Bose and Shyam Prasad Mookherjee to safeguard the freedom of our Hindu brothers in our Puniya-bhoomi Bharat.
  • My dear brothers and sister, please rest assured that in this historic struggle you are not alone. We American Hindus are ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with our Bengali Hindus. Bengali Hindus have taken up the task of leading the freedom movement in India all over again. We, the American Hindus too, will try to mobilize Hindu forces in America in your support.


Message to Hindu Samhati on it's 2nd Anniversary from
Narain Kataria
Indian American Intellectuals Forum, New York


Monto said…
Do u or the hindu solidarity organization have any plans or vision as to how you want to rejuvenate the Hindu people in India?

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