10 February Sonakhali Martyr's Day

The reminiscence of Sonakhali Martyrs are still alive in the public.

Sonakhali, 10th Feb 2010 || At a black dusk on 10.02.2001, four Swayamsevaks of RSS were martyred by the fundamentalist Muslim goons at Sonakhali village under Basanti Police Station in South 24 Pargana dist of West Bengal. As a repercussion, the angry Hindus of the village drove away all the Muslims from that village. Later on, this was known as 'Sonakhali Line'.

For the last two years Hindu Samhati has been organising the Sonakhali Martyr Day, when the State RSS abandoned this programme from their annual agenda since 2008. As a result no RSS office bearer visited Sonakhali Shaheed Mandir to pay homage to the Martyrs this year also.

Hindu Samhati organised two separate programmes this year, one in 2 No. Sonakhali and another in Pitchakhali Primary School near the Smriti Mandir of martyr Avijit sarder, Patitpaban Naskar, Sujit Naskar and Anadi Naskar. This year the portrait of Biswanath Mondal of Noniakhali was also placed along with four others as it is now believed that Biswanath was also murdered in the eraly of 2005 by the Muslim murderers, who kidnapped Biswanath from his house in the disguise of police men. In the Shaheed Smriti Mandir , the martyr relics and plaques were decorated beautifully with the flower petals and wreaths. Upananda Brahmachari, Vice-President of Hindu Samhati and all others offered flowers in the "Smriti Vedi" and mourned one minute with a silence and pang.

In the morning a cloth distribution was held to the poor and tribal people of the area of 2 No. Sonakhali. Sri Bholanath Ghorami, a ninety plus headman of the village presided over the meeting and inspired the present generation. In his short speech Upananda Brahmachari mentioned that the martyrs were genuine social workers of this locality, so it is our duty to do Seva Karya (Social Services) for the Hindus. 90 salwar-kurtas were distributed to the teenage girls..

In the morning a Blood Donation camp was held in Pitchakahali Primary School, where 30 persons including one women donated blood. In the afternoon, a public meeting was held in the school ground. Bikarna Naskar, Hindu Smahati leader of the locality and also a witness and wounded of the Sonakhali incident addressed the audience. Upananda Brahmachari, the main speaker of the function said, nothing can substitute the premature and permanent absence of the martyrs in the bereaved families, but the whole Hindu society should share the grave situations of the society for a stringent retaliation and strong revenge. Brahmachari told the audience to have a patience in the process of the judiciary but categorically stated that this patience cannot be mis-judged with the inaction of the Hindu Society. No body will be spared if the Muslim criminals are not punished properly under law. As the brave Hindu villagers drove away the anti-social Muslims from the locality unitedly and fought a long battle with the politically motivated communal Muslims, it was evolved as a new "SONAKHALI LINE" to inspire many Hindu hardliners. Hindu Samhati also admires this line of active Hindu retaliation. Brahamachari elucidated the matters to the spellbound audience. Sri Dinabandhu Ghorami, a strong Hindu leader of Canning area presided over the meeting and told that the Muslims should not forget the resistence and valour of Hindu people of Sonakhali, where the Muslim anti-socials were defeated clearly. Hindu Samhati workers are ready to fight again to ensure the unfinished work of the heavenly martyrs.

The Hindu Samhati team lead by Brahmachari visited the houses of the martyrs. All the near relations of the martyrs broke down in such a way as if the heinous murder took place just two days before. The portrait of the martyrs were decorated with garlands and fruits and sweets were offered to the martyrs as they liked much in the houses of the martyrs. The Hindu Samhati members consoled the bereaved families and expressed possible support to the unfinished struggle of the martyrs of Sonakahli. The family members demanded an early disposal of the pending cases. The parents of Biswanath Mondal of Nuniakhali also met Upanandaji with an request to take care of the pending case of Biswanath. Upanandaji assured them all that the related matters have already been taken seriously and Hindu Samhati will pursue the matters in right forums. Many of the villagers and family members of martyr families inquired the absence of Tapan Kumar Ghosh, the President of Hindu Samhati, and the then Vibhag Pracharak of RSS, who could not attend the programme this year due to the sad demise of his aged mother just on 9th February.


surinder attri said…
1. Bhai Sahib

It is disheartening that Shashi Tharoor is at it again.

Now this idiot says that Saudi Arabia should muddle into Indo-Pak

How disgusting, in fact this is what Pakistan is crying hoarse
by beating its breasts in open foras.

Tharoor is the product of the education system introduced
by Maulana Azad and his ilks.

We don't seem to have any self-respect!

BK Chaudhari

2. My Take:
Shashi Tharoor is a great example of Phoney-Liberalism. He is a real phoney, atom by atom, and with molecular precision. His Phoney-Liberalism is sickening.

3. Shashi Tharoor needs to be informed, not only about the Imperialist, Political Ideology of Islam, but also about Islamic havoc in India.

Surinder Paul Attri
surinder attri said…
Subj: Hinduism Debate
2. My Take:
The nine questions of the Moslem friend of this Hindu ( he may not be Hindu at all ! ), are poorly-worded, and not all that understandable either.

Question # 1: why hindus belive in lot of idols .?

Answer: Hindus do not believe in idols. Hindus believe in the powers, that the idols represent.

Q # 2: why brama created different cate people from his body sa mention in vedas.? is it good?

Answer: Caste System is based on Division Of Labor Principle. It divides society into technicians of various categories. When it is practiced the way it is supposed to be, it is extremely-efficient, and very good in deed. When it becomes perverted, it is less than good.

Q # 3: why hindus dont ate meat and eat vegitables when it also have life?

Answer: Hinduism prefers vegetarianism, but permits non-vegetarian food. Some Hindus eat meat also. Hinduism believes that any food that, works towards the enhancement & elevation of health, is good. Hinduism damns & denounces the slow slaughter of animals, which Islam practices ( and calls it Halal ). Hinduism finds it extremely bizarre that Islam does not feel the least bit of pity for these innocent animals.

Q # 4: why hinduism is so confious ?

Answer: What is this word " confious ? " Does he mean confusing or confused ?

It is not Hinduism that is confused, it is Islam which is befuddled & mixed up. Islam does not confront evil at all. Islam blames all evil on a totally-imaginary creature, which it calls " Shaitaan ( Satan/Devil ). There is no accountability in Islam.

Hinduism confronts evil head-on. Hinduism is based on Karma & Re-Incarnation principle. It puts man in the driver's seat, and holds him responsible for all actions, good as well as bad. He ascends via good Karma, and descends via bad Karma. There is FULL accountability in Hinduism.

Q # 5: why hindus cant pray direct to god.? why hindus need a middle man?

Answer: This guy is really mixed-up, his statement is un-adulterated balderdash. It is not Hindus who have a middle-man but Moslems who have a middle-man, Hazrat Mohammad, between them & their Allah ( just like Christians, who have a middle man, Jesus Christ ).

Q # 6: what is the real meaning of om?

Answer: OM is a sacred symbol which is chanted in Hindu prayers ( as well as in Buddhist prayers ). It is the shortest of all Mantras. It represents God, both manifested & un-manifested forms of God.

Q # 7: why god have wife and childreen?

Answer: This is strange English, to the last limit.

Any way, this represents Parity-Principle, which we see everywhere in the Universe.

Q # 8: why hindus dont worship in at regular time?

Answer: Hinduism is a religion of the Free. Hindu's life is spirit & devotion to God, not to a program of control or regimentation. Islam worships at regular times, but Islam is an ideology ( not a religion ), it is wedded to a doctrinaire approach, it carries barrels of barbarism, as well as many ugly warts on its face.

Q # 9 :why hinduism could not develop ?

Answer: Hinduism is a religion of the Free. Hinduism can develop, and has been developing, from its very start, which is far more ancient than Islam. It is Islam which is stuck in the mud, in the mud of seventh century Arabia. Because of the slavery of Islam & of its regimentation, Islam is totally unable to work itself, out of its archaic, antiquated, and barbaric modus operanda.

Surinder Paul Attri
surinder attri said…
By S.P. Attri ( USA )
1. Moslems can cry themselves hoarse with chest-thumping echoes of:
" Geert Wilders Hai Hai, " but this will neither stop Geert nor other Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ) of the world, from exposing the evils of Islam. These evils--- Kafir-Hatred, Intolerance, Fanaticism, Terrorism, & Disloyalty to Motherland, spew directly out of Quran & Hadis. Nothing else on this earth, matches the oceans of Islam's barbarism. If the Dutch people do not " soon " recognize the massive inventory of Islam's barbarism ( which is a Terrifying-Sight in any one's language ), then they are gong to succumb for sure, to Islam's barbarism & its Jehad.

2. There is a direct-connection between Jehad & Janat ( and that is not an alliteration either ) Janat is Moslem's Paradise, and murdering of Non-Moslem Kafirs is Islam's business, because it awards custody of Janat-Ticket to Moslems. Since every Moslem wants to go to Janat, he finds the prospect of choicest sex-after-death with 72 Houris, as highly charismatic & seductive. For this kind of wild-sex, Moslem becomes more than ready to, terrorize, tear apart, and slaughter Kafirs, NOTE: This offer is backed by Allah's guarantee, who is honor-bound to offer Janat ( in exchange for Jehad ), as a gift to a Moslem.

3. Hazrat Mohammad has prescribed Islam as the " Only " true religion, the rest are all fake & false. Non-Moslem Kafirs, who do not practise Islam, and do not believe in Allah & Mohammad, are felonious, and must be murdered or enslaved. From Day One Of Its Existence, Islam has rested & relied upon these savage pillars & planks of Islam, and these have been made holy, by Allah's words & by Hazrat Mohammad's own example. If Kafir-Hatred, Kafir-Slaughter, Idol-Smashing, Revenge-Killing et al, that make Islam Stagey-Spectacular, are discarded out of Islam, then nothing would remain of Islam. Then there would be no justification, for the existence of Islam either. Then Mullahs & Maulvies, would fold their Tind-Fauri ( Bag & Baggage ) and go home. Moslems would never stand for this, and would label this classification as, profane & Kafir-Conspiracy, to defile, desecrate, and pollute Islam.
Surinder Paul Attri.
surinder attri said…
By S.P. Attri ( USA )
4. But such is not the intention of us Kafirs. We Kafirs do not intend to defile or desecrate Islam. We unearth & uncover the characteristics of Islam, because we find them distasteful & disgusting, and seek to serve the cause of humanity. Geert Wilders warning to the Dutch people, cannot by any stretch of imagination be considered as fallacious, because Islam is not part of Dutch heritage or culture. Islam is a parasite on Holland. Its views are diametrically-opposed to the views of Dutch-Divinity,
Dutch-Culture, & Dutch-Soul. The two cannot be fused, harmonized, or melted into one pot to co-exist, without destroying one or the other. Islam is an enemy of the Dutch people, and the Dutch would be smart to recognize the menace of Islam.

5. Islam's purpose is not to contribute anything to Dutch country, but to accomplish total destruction of its Kafir-Culture. Warning signs are out there, for every Dutch person to see. Quran teaches that Allah has bought from the Moslems, theirselves & their belongings, in exchange Allah provides Janat to Moslems, who fight in the way of Allah, who kill & get killed, and Allah fulfills his promise to the Moslems. This promise is binding on Allah. Quran says :

Fight those who do not believe in Allah &.the Last Day. Such men as practise not the religion of truth ( i.e. Islam ), are the enemies of Allah. Because Jehad is a binding-contract between Allah & his Moslems, Moslems gleefully & systematically murder Kafirs. They are following the prescriptions of Quran, which is a :


6. Let no Dutch person miss the following cardinal point of Islam:

Moslems practice the strict-specifications of Quran, and the malevolent teachings of Islam. If Islam gets the upper hand in Holland, then the eventual-choice for Dutch people shall be:

" CONVERSION ( to Islam ) or DEATH.

Surinder Paul Attri.

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