Panchthupi Riots, Hindus attacked in Murshidabad again

From 14th April Communal Riot started in Panchthupi village and surrounding area of the village under Burwan Police Station of Kandi sub division of Murshidabad district.

This Panchthupi village is a very big village consisting of 18 paras (localities).
The clash started when some Muslim boys spat on the Hindu devotees of Shiva on the day of Charak Puja. These devotees were drinking water from a tube well. The devotees protested resulting in clashes between two groups. Some people from both sides were injured.

The administration intervened. With the initiative of the Officer in Charge of Barwan P.S. and District Magistrate a Peace Committee was formed taking representatives from both communities.

But, on 16th April, suddenly about 300 – 400 Muslims attacked the Hindus. Many Hindu houses and shops were looted and destroyed. Hindu houses were bomb charged indiscriminately. Naru Gopal Mukherjee’s house in Achoa Para and one ex elected Pradhan of Dakshin Para were damaged in the bombing by the Muslims. Many Hindus were injured. Seriously injured persons were admitted to local Hospital. Some injured persons had to transferred to Baharampur District Hospital. About 14 Hindus were injured.

In this attack, Muslims from another village, named Godapara on the other side of the river Mayurakshi (now dry) joined the attackers.

In this large scale bombing, one Hindu youth of 22 years age Sujit Ghosh has been killed at about 11 am on 16.04.10. The bomb was thrown directly on the back of him.

On the same day morning (16.04.10), the Dak Bunglow Market, about 6 km distant from Panchthupi village, was attacked by the Muslim miscreants. A number of shops owned by the Hindus were destroyed and looted. Particularly the shops owned by the Hindus of Panchthupi were targeted. One sweetmeat shop and one stationary shop ‘Sraddhanjali’ were destroyed and looted here.

Hindus are agitated. But police encircled the Hindu villages where mainly Yadav and Sadgope caste people reside. They are fighting castes. But, in general, Hindus are extremely frightened in the whole area. Police and Rapid Action Force are patrolling the villages. Hindus are apprehensive what will happen when he police force will leave the place.

In this, the District Magistrate (D.C.) Mr. Parvez Siddiqi is playing a dirty role to misuse administration in favour of Muslim hooligans.

This Parvez Siddiqi is a most communal govt officer. Since he joined as D.M. in this 67%(projected) Muslim majority district, his behaviour is extremely partisan and communal. He has made it a point to offer Namaz every Friday noon in different Mosques of the Baharampur town and Murshidabad dist. He particularly chooses those mosques which are not visited by many Muslims. His intention is to popularise that mosque and to give encouragement and inspiration to the Mullahs and Imams of those unpopular mosques. His effort became successful. Hindus are very much apprehensive that so long this man will remain at the helm of administration here, how much damage will be done to the Hindus by him.

Out of total 26 Blocks of this predominantly Muslim majority (63.67% in 2001 census), only this Burwan block is Hindu majority block with 59.66% Hindu in 2001. Rest 25 Blocks are Muslim majority in 2001.

Hindus are extremely scared as they know that they live in a de-facto Pakistan. In fact, in 1947, since 15 August, Pakistani Flag hoisted for three days in this district. Every Hindu of this district knows their fate and future. But a total hopelessness and killer passivity are the identity marks of the Hindus here.


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