Hindu Samhati Holds Protest March at Haringhata Police Station

Hindu Samhati Holds Protest March at Haringhata Police Station
Deputation to Police to Protect Hindus from Islamist Extremists


A peaceful protest march organized by Hindu Samhati, at the Haringhata Police Station in Nadia district, passed off peacefully on May 5, 2010. Tensions had been simmering in this area over repeated assaults by Muslim miscreants on Hindus attending the Pagol Thakurer Mela, a local Hindu festival.
The procession of approximately 500 people walked 7 km. on a hot day, from Paglatala to Haringhata Police Station. The procession started at 1.30 pm and reached the venue at 3 pm, where it culminated into a protest meeting. Speakers were Tapan Ghosh, Advocate B.N. Roy, Advocate Tushar Kanti Tikader, Susen Biswas and Brahmacharini Smriti Devi. Strong slogans were raised from the procession and the meeting against the Muslim culprits and against police inaction. Thereafter a delegation of 8 members entered the police station and met the officers for detailed discussion on the security of the Hindus.
It was heartening to see that although intimation of the meeting was given to the Inspector In Charge (Subrato Sarkar) of the Police Station, his senior officer S.D.P.O. (Sub Divisional Police Officer) Bhaskar Mukherjee was present there to meet Hindu Samhati protesters . I.C. Subrato Sarkar was present too.

Even though there were some disagreements of over the facts mentioned in the memorandum, the S.D.P.O. took the protester's representation seriously, explained them in detail about the steps taken by the police to ensure safety and security of the Hindus.

They were also touched by the presence of a large number of people travelled long distances under the scorching sun, to express their grievances. Hindu Samhati protesters stressed that it is the duty of the administration to act impartially to satisfy these people.

The S.D.P.O. assured everyone that police would do its duty in bringing the culprits to justice.

The protesters were encouraged by the turnout and solidarity shown by the Hindu community of Haringhata. They vowed to continue their struggle against the continued aggression and attacks by Muslims.


jayanta said…
Great job, thank you Hindu Samhai warriors. Please continue your holy fight against the fundamentalist & criminal muslims. Unite the entire hindus of WB and the hindus worldwide. It's not very far that the Govt & political parties will be forced to listen to you. Also, try to bring all the pro-nationalist pro-hindu organizations (small & big like RSS, VHP etc.) under one umbrella. UNITED WE STAND FOR OUR COUNTRY & OUR RELIGION.

Also, hindus should be very careful & intelligent while voting. Our vote should not be divided. Currently BJP is much better than any pseudo secular party in India, though they need to do much more for hindus & all other nationalist citizens.
- Jai Hind & Bande Mataram
Facebook said…
I firmly believe that all muslim are not terrorists. But it is regretful to say that good muslims have no power to resist the evil sectors which are worsening the sovereignity of India. So the good muslims who loves India truly should join with the patriotic hindus to keep India safe.

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