Communal Harmony and Deception via food

Inter-faith meetings or social gatherings are supposed to consolidate harmony in the society, or do they? On July 04, in a village named Sutanuti Paar (24 Pgs. N.), 3 Hindu children, viz. Asit Bala (12 years old), Tanushree (10 years old) and the seven year old grand-daughter of Nimai Mondal were invited to a lunch hosted by the family of Safia Parveen, a Muslim on the occasion of her father’s death anniversary. They were surreptitiously served beef without their knowledge and were subsequently humiliated by the other Muslim children present on the occasion. This has caused a lot of resentment among the local Hindus.

ED: Hindus consider eating beef a taboo, and in many areas of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, Muslims are known to feed beef to Hindus: - Forcibly if Hindus know it is beef, or deceiving them at first, feeding it to them and then telling them that what they fed was beef. This is going on for for centuries.


Unknown said…
we want a tooth for a tooth n eye for an eye

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