“Hindus should start a Hindu Freedom Movement in India.” – Brahmachari.

Hindu Majority and Freedom is a must in India to retain its Democracy and Integrity as told by Upananda Brahamachari in his maiden speech in a strong gathering over 1,000 people at Birnagar, Kaliachak III block in Malda District in a grand celebration of 64th Independence Day by Hindu Samhati (HS) local committee.

In the morning of 15th August, 2010, a large rally by Hindu Samhati workers rejuvenated the local areas in its march with patriotic slogans and songs. The rally led by Chittaranjan Dey. Gen. Secretary and Mukunda Koley of Hindu Samhati along with the presence of Upananda. The anti Hindu and anti Indian element of the areas went to underground for the hours of activities whereas a large Hindu crowd participated and supported openly the Independence Day Function organized by Hindu Samhati in a Muslim populated District of West Bengal. Malda, Murshidbad and Uttar Dinajpur, these three districts have been came under the fold of ISI and DGFI, where the National and Hindu celebrations are restricted.

In his speech Upananda said that the influx of Bangladeshi Muslims, uncontrolled Muslim population, Pak supported Jihadi activities, Muslim appeasement and Muslim Vote Bank Politics are vehemently jeopardizing the very texture of Indian democracy and integrity. Each and every martyrs sacrificed their lives for the cause of Independence of Akhanda Bharatvarsha (Undivided India). But for personal gain some political leaders of English Culture supported the division of Mother India. Muslims got the Pakistan under the communal design of two nation theory. But Hindus are still deprived of the Hindusthan for their own right of religious, social and political freedom. Unfortunately in the name of political independence of India the Hindus are taxed for their pilgrimages, they are put in Hindu code bills and politically exploited in many ways. Upananda urged the audience to start a Hindu Revolt against the anti Hindu elements in India beside the Hindu Mass Awakening throughout the world to save the civil society against the Islaimc fundamentalism and nasty consumerism grossly affecting the moral values and peace loving people. In reality Hindus in Kashmir and North East have no freedom at all. As Hindus in India got a fractured freedom and exploiting situations, Hindus should start a Hindu Freedom Movement without any delay.

Local Samhati leaders viz. Dijen Mondal, Sanjoy Ghosh and Gen. Secretary of HS Chitaranjan Dey also addressed the meeting. The function was started with hoisting the Indian National Flag and ended with National Song.

Suddhi Yajna (Purification Rituals) held in Chatra, North 24 Pargans in West Bengal by Hindu Samhati.

On 4th July, 2010 at Chatra Sutanuti Par under Baduria Police Station a miscreant and communal Muslim family served beef to four Hindu children in their family rituals by trick. After eating beef the children were farced and humiliated. With the spread of such obnoxious and filthy attitude the local Hindus got furious. They protested the matter vehemently and reported the local authorities with no result. Consequently the aggrieved Hindu people contacted with Hindu Samhati (HS) local unit and the Bharat Sevashram Sangha (BSS) H.Q. at Kolkata. Hindus of the areas also cautioned the Muslims for their unethical activities.

On 16th August, 2010 the Hindu Samhati organized a big Hindu Jagaran Sabha and protest rally with a Suddhi Yajna (Purification Rituals) by the saints of BSS. A huge number of local Hindus participated the whole function to make it a grand success. Over 1000 Hindus joined the function to show their solidarity against any humiliation against Hindus.

HS leader Ajit Adhikary reached the spot with HS activists to protect any untoward incidents on the day of Hindu Jagaran Sabha on 16th from the starting. HS leaders Avijit Das (Bangaon), Dulal Sardar (Machlandapur) gave a short speech narrating the crisis of Hindus under a Muslim majority.

Sri Tarun Netai Das of ISKCON told that Muslims are habituated with such filthy activities and conspiracy. He gave many examples to strengthen his speech. Sri Das categorically said that in such an ignorant fault of children, the Dharma cannot be injured or affected anyway.
Chanting of Hare Krishna can purify all the imperfection and fault of any thing.

Swami Suvorupanandaji of Bharat Sevashram Sangha told Muslims have been trying to dismantle the Hindu Unity and Rights from the very beginning. After getting the Pakistan the Muslims should go to Pakistan and have no right to disturb or destroy the Hindu rights. If the Muslims still do not believe the greatness of Hindus or try to understand the nature of co-existence and harmony of Indian philosophy, they should vacate this holy land of Bharat and can go to their pak land Pakistan. The Swami urged the Hindu youth to show their valour and fighting spirit against the anti Hindu conspiracy. Swami Anishananda of Hindu Milan Mondir Central Committee of BSS also addressed the meeting.

Speakers also spoke about the situation of refugee Hindus of Bangladesh facing Islamic torture in the border districts of West Bengal. The local Hindu Women leaders viz. Sikha Biswas and Bidhu Sikdar and the Mothers of the related families also supported in their speech, the cause of such Hindu Social Congregation for the unity of Hindu Society.

Hindu Samhati leadership assured that the organization will be fighting unto last to restore the dignity of Bengali Hindus of West Bengal in every situation of crisis of Hindus. There was emphasis over the unity of all Hindu Organizations to tackle such situation of Hindus. He said the Chatra Hindu Jagaran Sabha has a great importance as BHARAT SEVASHRAM SANGHA, ISKCON and HINDU SAMHATI jointly took the challenge to defeat the Islamic conspiracy in Bengal and India too.

Avijit Mishra of Hindu Samhati (Chatra Unit) conducted the meeting very befittingly. All the Hindu Devotees present in the function was served with Khichuri Prasadam.


abhijeet sen said…
You need a Narendra Modi.
Noor said…
We should stop any communal thinking rather we could help,share and understand each other to develop our India great as whole.India is not a Hindu country nor a muslim country rather a country for all.We should respect and value to all our Indian citizen and should try to eliminate all communal thunking from our mind.coz it is not a solution at all, history proof.India has a great heritage of Hindu, Islamic and Western Civilisation...we can't destroy it rather we could preserve of its beauty and lead the world in the 21st century ahead.

Pecae be upon all of our Indian citizen.Have a nice day.

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