Press Release : A Dark Dusshera for Deganga


Kolkata, India


No, this is not a joke. 42 Puja Mandaps across Deganga Block will go empty. The biggest festival of the Bengali Hindus for which the populace excitedly waits the full year will be sacrificed and boycotted by the Goddess' followers. Located in Barasat Subdivision of N 24 Parganas, Deganga Hindus have decided not to bring Mother Durga and her 4 children home, ie NOT to celebrate Durga Puja, ie, Sacrifice Durga Puja in 2010.

Has there been a calamity, an earthquake, a typhoon, or flood ? NO ! Over 500 Hindu homes and 500 Hindu owned businesses have been attacked, multiple Hindu temples have been desecrated and defiled, all with synchronized orchestration by a planned well organized mob under the leadership of MP Haji Nurul Islam. All within a three day span in September, 2010.

Hindus in Deganga have treated this as more serious than a calamity, an earthquake, a typhoon, or a flood. The biggest festival of Deganga's Hindus is being boycotted by all the Puja committees of the Deganga Puja Samanvay Committee. They hope that this will catch the attention of the anti-Hindu media, anti-Hindu administration, anti-Hindu Police, and the anti-Hindu politicians of West Bengal.

Today, while thousands of Hindus in Deganga spend another day in fear, trepidation and uncertainty for their and their children's future, the corrupt local media and the vote hungry politicians are doing everything to hide the reality from the masses in Kolkata, living 20 miles away and elsewhere.

Hindu Samhati endorses to the fullest the decision by the Puja Samanvay Committee to boycott this Puja in protest of the anti Hindu stance of the West Bengal media, administration, police and politicians. We want to see that the situation is changed, so that we would be able to do the Pujas in full pristine form in 2011, or else, we have to expand our struggle beyond Deganga and N 24 Parganas.

*In October-November 1946 the whole of India, especially North and Central India observed a Black Diwali in protest against the horrific riots and Hindu genocide in Noakhali, in erstwhile East Bengal. Maybe this Dark Dussera of Deganga will alert us to an impending calamity of similar proportions that hit the Hindus of India in 1946-47.


Chitta Ranjan Dey

Secretary, Hindu Samhati


The boycotting of Durga Puja is a bad strategy. Instead of this the HS should celebrate the Durga Puja in Deganga at a large scale to morally mobilizes the Hindus against the islamic jehadist.
Anonymous said…
It is a good strategy. Every one will know about the looming danger and the way politicians are behaving.

First thing one should is one should spread the awareness of what is happening. This boycott will force the people to ask the reasons.

This is good.
HinduBengal said…
BJP West Bengal have also helped the deganga victims in this regard...

But i must say This Gandhian type boycott is NO WAY to protest agnst Mullah Terror...

Reminding again VOTE BJP in WB polls 2011...
Dr.Gour Mohanty said…
Surely the Gandhian type protest can move the mild Hindus , but not brutes.All thelove,flattery,coaxing and cajoling of this Mahatma miserably failed before Jinnah.Yet he, being attributed (don't know by whom) the epithet Mahatma showed the temerity to pontificate the docile and foolish Hindus to change the Muslim mind through love.And the credulous Hindus have unwittingly swallowed the bait.And yet, in the present circumstances with the limited strength and resources perhaps this sort of protest is the right course,but this message is to be carried to all Hindus; so that more and more Hindus in genuine sympathy , if not throughout India, at least in West Bengal ,should observe BLACK DIWALI,taking a cue from Noakhali days.

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