Sheikh Ismail leads brutal Muslim mob to slay Hindus in Gangasagar

Agrarian conflicts regarding vested lands are not new in West Bengal but the violence and hatred shown by Islamic miscreants, under the auspices of Sheikh Ismail, nefarious CPM leader, on 16/07/11 against Hindus in Gangagsagar, P.S. Sagar, in this context, is not only horrific but raises several questions also at the same instant.

The bloody whacking of Hindus has revealed the ugly face of Islamic fundamentalism yet again and in particular of Sheikh Ismail, uncrowned king of the locality owing to his affluence, authority and nefarious activities. Without doubt, it has also illustrated how reigning Trinamool Congress (TMC) is wretched in the same area. Here is the first question. Has it started to hobnob with Sheikh Ismail being helpless?

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