Hindu Persecution in Canning at an All-Time High

Police fails to contain Islamic fanaticism

The whole of Canning, at the moment, is under fire – the entire area is witnessing the worst Hindu persecution in recent times and as per fresh reports that are coming in, the saga of thrashing Hindus is extending far and wide, engulfing the adjoining areas of Joynagar, Kultali, Basanti and Sandeshkhali as well.

It has come to knowledge, two Moulavis, Rohul Kuddus - resident of Ghutiyari Shariff and Abdul Wahab – resident of village: Moujpur, P.S. Joynagar – were returning from Jaamtala Haat, P.S. Kultali after attending an Islamic congregation there on February 18, 2013. While both were coming back late at night, they were attacked by unidentified culprits midway – Rohul Kuddus was murdered and Abdul Wahab was left injured. And to avenge the same, Muslims started attacking Hindus in the wee hours of today itself in and around the area of Herobhanga. No less than 25,000 Muslim radicals virtually pounced down on Hindus in the wildest manner.

The nearest village of Naliakhali (from the site of murder) has been the worst victim thus far – all houses belonging to Hindus there have been burnt down while more than 50 Hindus have been left wounded severely. No stone to molest Hindu women was left unturned – 5 Hindu women, in accordance with latest reports, including Lakshmi Naskar (age 38) have been molested at Kholakhali, P.S. Joynagar but bordering P.S. Kultali at the same instant. Lots of Hindu women have been found to flee in fear.    

Only at the Kholakhali Baazar (P.S. Joynagar), medicine shop of Sachin Sardar and one saloon of another Hindu individual were attacked and despoiled and all these happened before the police stationed there – effete enough to protect Hindus in any case.   

Even if Hindus managed to take some measures in self-defence only in few areas, the wild fire of Islamic onslaught is being witnessed in the vicinity – areas of Notunhati in Joynagar and Simultala in Basanti being the greatest victims. Road blockades by Islamists are going on in full might at several areas including Natunhat, Priyor More (P.S. Joynagar), Bhangankhali (P.S. Basanti), Boyarmari (P.S. Sandeshkhali). The wild attacks have extended to P.S. Sandeshkhali, District: 24 Paraganas (North) by now.    

Kolkata - Basanti Road has been blocked at Boyarmari. Sanjay Singh, resident of Boyarmari and also CRPF jawan, posted at P.S. Goaltor, District: Medinipur has been beaten up at Boyarmari for refusing to get off from his cycle.

Police and administration have deputed a huge contingent of armed policemen, issued a red alert but it is getting more than impossible for them to contain the widespread violence. Sub-inspector of P.S. Canning, Anup Samaddar, has been admitted to Canning Hospital in a critically injured situation. Two police officers have been severely injured while two police vehicles have been burnt down.

Last but not least, a large number of motor vehicles carrying thousands of Muslims from Garden Reach, Metiaburuj, Tilajla, Park Circus areas in Kolkata have been seen to head towards Joynagar.

Police is running to and fro haplessly. 

Some unscrupulous people are rumoring that Hindu Samhati is behind the ghastly murder whereas Hindu Samhati is in darkness of the entire incident still.  The whole situation is totally out of control of administration and Hindus in the affected areas are scared that anything may happen to them tonight.
Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.


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Unknown said…
Can't something be done to tackle these Muslim fanatics?
Unknown said…
Without special training it is not possible. Muslims do Jihad under Theoretical training from Mosques and they get fire-arms from Islamic underworld.
Unknown said…
Without special training it is not possible. Muslims do Jihad under Theoretical training from Mosques and they get fire-arms from Islamic underworld.
Unknown said…
iFACT, you are right. Hindus in Bengal have became a epitome of cowardice. They should pick up arms and get united now before its too late.
Sambit said…
Bro why there is no media coverage on it.. Send us some video link///
Unknown said…
Dear Ratnesh, don't be exalted with my words as I am shocked with the matter of Deganga and Canning both. Organisations take the privilege for fund rising out of these situations and actually ignore the Real Defense of Hindu Society.
After Deganga Riot in 2010, several incidents of Temple desecration,Women Molestation, Rampage, loot were happened phase-wise. No Hindu orgs made any Hindu Revenge for that to regain Hindu might and right.
Canning mishap will also not be able to end up the atrocities upon Hindus with the help of a real Hindu Resistance. Another mishap for Hindus is bound to recur.
Some Org understand Org means a huge gathering at Kolkata or parade before an all India Leader from Nagpur.
Leaders misguide us. Hindus be prepared. Muslims will be controlled under revenge only. Make 20 armed, disciplined and dedicated Hindu youth for each village-locality-area and see the change. Bharat will be a Hindu Rashtra within 2020. Jai Sri Ram!
Das said…
Kumbh Mela : Threatening posture by Muslims ! - Masjid in Prayagaraj railway station


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