Schoolgirl’s accidental death turns Ukiler Bazaar, Kakdip into a communal battleground

The death of 15 year old Class X Pritisha Maity, student at local Rajnagar Srinathgram Banividyapith due to a car accident on 27th September at 9.30 am in Ukiler Bazaar area of Kakdwip in South 24 Paraganas district is an unfortunate incident. However, the communal clashes that ensued and its escalating intensity testify how far the social relation has been vitiated. Following the accident, Pritisha was taken to nearby Kakdwip hospital where she was declared dead on arrival. The news infuriated local people and as a result, they devastated the vehicle liable for the accident. Meanwhile, a few Hindu youths from Kakdwip went to Ukiler Bazaar and blocked the thoroughfare there to protest. Tyres, along with parts of a desolate van were also burnt to strengthen the protest and vent anger. Some youths even went to Namkhana to protest, all of which confirm that the protest was spontaneous, devoid of any communal overtone. 

Meantime, the protest at Ukiler Bazaar remained unabated with little sign of decline of public ire. Faulting tiny shops along the roadside as the main reason for mounting car accidents, many of them were brought by the enraged mob. In the ensuing rampage, three shops owned by local Muslims were also put down. The road blockade led by Nityananda Dolui ended at 5 pm only after police assured them that traffic system in the area would be improved soon. The withdrawal failed to restore peace as the rumor that Nityananda and his friends would be lynched in public for destroying three shops of Muslims started spreading like a wild fire; that the shops were illegally built meant little to the opposing party. As expected, the very next day Nityananda’s residence was ransacked in wee hours of 28th September. The attackers unable to find him or any male member cruelly thrashed his ageing mother.  His shop was also raided and closed forcefully. It is alleged, the raid was led by Nurul Ghazi. The vengeance however did not die with the raid on Nityananda’s house. On the same day, at 2.30 pm, one liquor shop of Laxmi Ghorui became the next battleground. A few Muslim youths went there for drinking and exploiting the absence of Laxmi, three of them tried to rape her daughter Ashtami (age 12) who was there all alone. To save herself, Ashtami screamed making Laxmi and neighbours rush to the shop. Even if the rogues tried to flee, they were grabbed soon and stamped out. Later on, they were submitted to local police who are now admitting overtly that law and order situation is worsening steadily in the area.

Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.


Kanak Sarkar said…
The Danger of Social Work : It creats Psychiatric Syndrom

Social Works may be dangerous also, specially Women related Social Works. Feminist workers are responsible for creating Psychiatric Syndrom among ordinery women. Because most of their ideas (feminism) are one sided and without any contest from the other side (men). If contested properly (like judicial contest) many such ideas will be proved vague, false, unworthy and useless.

The social workers are making different propaganda creating Psychiatric Syndrom (like KORO Syndrom) among women-folk. Thus many women think that only men are responsible for all the failures in their lives. It has harmful effect in women’s relations with men specially, in the family.
The ordinery women develop ill-conviction out of this propaganda. They are diverted to wrong path. Because it is the psychology (mind) which determines one’s plan of action. Many women have become psychiatric patient by this feministic propaganda in WB. Thus feminists are indirectly causing harm of common women-folk.

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