Love Jihad victim is recovered by Hindu Samhati

Hindu Samhati has been successful to add another feather to its crown. This time it was the recovery of Mansa Bhunia (age-17 year) of Uluberia who became a victim of Love Jihad – a pan-Islamic process to change the demography of the State in a planned manner. This is 4th Love Jihad recovery by Hindu Samhati activists in last few months.

Once the case of elopement was reported to Hindu Samhati, the President – Sri Tapan Ghosh, who always believes that the loss of a girl is a loss of a generation – engaged all his resources to trace the girl. Finally, she was tracked at Basapara under Nanoor Police Station in Birbhum district.

Hindu Samhati is very much thankful to police officer Sri Prosenjit Ghosh of Basapara outpost of Nanoor PS. But for his genuine and courageous help, it would be extremely difficult to get back the girl from Hasmat’s (love Jihadist) house in Dandupara village. When Hindu Samhati activists along with police reached the house of Hasmat, about 50-60 Muslims from nearby mosque rushed to Hasmat’s house. But, police officer Prosenjit Ghosh courageously stopped them to intervene.

In fact, initially the girl was saying that she would not come with her father. But the officer’s thunder to the mob assured her, gave her courage, and then she told that she was ready to come. There can be no denying that the girl was, earlier, threatened by Hasmat’s family members. Hence initially she was scared but the presence of our boys and boldness of the officer assured her. Uluberia police too cooperated the girl’s family to recover the girl by providing necessary papers.

Hasmat worked in a stone chip factory in Uluberia. The girl fell in his trap. But when she was taken to Hasmat’s house in distant Birbhum district, she realized her blunder and she called her parents over phone. At the time of recovery, Hasmat was not in his house. 


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