Hindu girl Abducted by Muslims in Joynagar

District : S 24 Parganas
Police Station: Joynagar
Village : South Bele Durganagar
Date : 6th March 2009

Sushmita Nashkar, daughter of Chandrachur Nashkar is a 13 year old minor. She was kidnapped on March 6th by 2 Muslims, named Rinku Molla (son of Monchur Molla), and Khokhon Molla (son of Imam Molla), both of Padua village in Badra area of Joynagar Police Station. Mr. Nashkar has filed a FIR (Missing Diary no 607) with the Joynagar Police Station.

Both the kidnappers are in their early twenties and are known traffickers and sex-offenders in the area. Monchoor Molla and Imam Molla are religious zealots and regularly incite young Muslim men to abduct, convert, and traffick Hindu women. These 2 individuals are part of a large area gang, supported by a section of the Muslim clergy and patronized by leftist politicians.

This kind of kidnapping/forcible conversion/trafficking is occurring regularly in Joynagar area, often ignored by the police and adminstration. Hindu Samhati members are actively working to prevent these kinds of ativities for the last 1 year.


Anonymous said…
It pains me immensely to read the continuing genocides in Bengal. Hindus almost have no defense against this stone age barbarians. The political setup which is supposed to protect is itself against Hindus all over India. Being far away in US (and native of Karnataka) I have added your blog on my blogroll as "Bengal Terror Watch"

Anonymous said…
Someone wrote on this for your post. Please publish this as a seperate post so that Hindus can defend themselves.

- Lets get the bastards.

Muslims are afraid of dying by "Fire" , they think if they die by burning they will die as hindu.

Bengali Hindu Tigers should devise self defense tactics .
desi weapons for self defense should be accquired any how .

** Dont trust RAF , they will follow commands of Muslim boss of india.

Steps to Self defense .

1) Muslims never attack in day light . rhey never attack a group of hindu. they molest children , rape womens , kill hindus men while alone . hindus must move in a small groups every time . Viligant night watchmen, womens , teen agers should be enrolled in defense army.
2) Shunt that bastard media - no media person should be allowed to step in the hindu territory .

3) Securing the area

1 ) Punji traps should be constructed http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Punji_stick
this will help in securing the homes , people very much.
2) Construct dummy houses . fill them with inflammble materials .
3) plant battery based loudspeakers at prominent positions
4) plan escape routes and more safer positions .
5) Digg wider holes in night and cover them with leafs grass. put rats in those
holes that will attract snakes .
6) barbed wires stuck in ground at both ends.
7) Stone thrower and flame thrower. stone is very effective to deter the big mob.
8) weapon making skills
4) Self Defense
0) Collect food , ration for 10 days , feed cows, drink milk and eat muslims.
1) Collect all army men available , ask them to train youth in weaponary
2) Gorkha from GJM should be contacted . use of khukari scares every body and
it is a "vardan" from Guru Gorakh nath that whoever uses khukari will never
get defeated.
3) self defense weapons
- Fire crackers and steel water pipes . by brusting the fire cracker in a one
ended water pipe will simulate the gun. Muslims will run for cover and will
jump on punji sticks and that will caused end to him.
4) Organise into smaller efficient groups - Big men , small men, stronger women ,
weak, diseased ones. Older people . Teens ,and childern
define a role for each one. who will handle what ?

5) Medicare - learn how to do first aid and life saving techiques.
6) Medium of Communication to other hindus.

Vinayak .
- Lets get the bastards.

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