Major Communal Riot Broke in Murshidabad


Today, 10th July, a major communal riot broke in Murshidabad district. Till now 12 persons dead, most of them Hindus, hundreds injured including 10 policemen and one D.S.P. rank police officer. Two village markets and hundreds of Hindu houses were looted and burnt. Firing between police and Muslim rioters still going on at 11.30 night. Curfew imposed in the whole area. BSF and CRPF deployed to help police and RAF

Perhaps the whole incident planned to welcome the proposed Aligarh Muslim University Campus in this district.

Jhaubona High School is a big higher secondary school in Jhaubona village under Nawda police station in Beldanga sub division in Murshidabad district. Among total 1000 students of this school, about 50% are Muslim students. For long they were demanding to offer Friday Namaz inside the school. But school management and the Hindu students resisted it apprehending that it will create a virtual mosque inside the school. So, the furious Muslim students made objection against Saraswati Puja in the school and the school management has been compelled to stop Saraswati puja last year in the school. In spite of that, the Muslim students were not satisfied. So they planned to offer Friday Namaz today (10 July) by force inside the school without any permission from Head Master or School Management. Hindu students protested and altercation started at 12 noon between two groups of students. Muslims were prepared. Through cell phone they spread the false message that Hindu students attacked Muslim students in the school. Within 10-15 minutes, thousands of Muslims led by the students of nearby Trimohini Madrasa rushed to the school. They attacked the school students, the big village market of Trimohini, and two Hindu villages Jhaubona and Trimohini. Many Hindu shops in the Trimohini market were burnt and looted. Many Hindu houses were burnt and looted in the villages Jhaubona and Darapara. In one house 4 Hindus died in the fire including one father and his daughter were burnt alive.

Till now, according to our sources, 12 Hindus are dead, more than one hundred injured, though the district administration will surely give a lesser number. Hindus are fleeing the villages Jhaubona and Trimohini.

Many are missing. Nobody knows how many of the missing persons are already dead.

Police and RAF could not control the situation. So, BSF and CRPF are called in. Till evening, police fired 250 rounds. 10 policemen were injured, among them condition of 4 are very serious. One D.S.P. is seriously injured. He has been admitted in a private nursing home to avoid media scrutiny. On the road at Begunbari village, Muslims burnt 2 buses and one matador. One Tata Sumo car and its passengers were attacked. The broken car and its passengers have been brought to Beldanga Bharat Sevashram Sangha for their safety.

The injured persons have been admitted to Baharampur and Amtala hospitals. Till mid night, firing was going on between Muslim rioters and security forces at Trimohini bazaar.

As usual, the electronic media/ TV channels are silent and totally blacked out this major incident.

Murshidabad district is a Muslim majority distrct. All the 3 police stations in Beldanga sub division – Beldanga, Nawda and Hariharpara – are Muslim majority. This is a border sub division. All the Hindu villages under Nawda and Hariharpara p.s. are awake tonight. They are scared of possible Muslim attack upon their villages.

In sub divisional town Beldanga, in evening Muslims gathered in front of Congress office. Hindus are fearing that the famous Bharat Sevashram Sangha, whose President highly revered Swami Pradiptanandaji (Kartik Maharaj) may be attacked by communal Muslims. Swamiji is now away from Ashram. He went for pilgrimage to Mansarovar-Kailas. He is expected to return in 5-6 days.

India’s Finance Minister Mr. Pranab Mukherjee has been elected from this Murshidabad district. As a gratitude to the Muslims of this district, he announced in his finance Budget in parliament that he would allocate a huge sum of money to establish a campus of Aligarh Muslim University in this district. This Aligarh Muslim University spearheaded the separatist movement for creation of Pakistan in pre 1947 years. Pranab Mukherjee is expected to visit Jangipur, his LS constituency in this district on Sunday as per pre scheduled program. And it seems that there shall be no visit of the Finance Minister in Beldanga and Nawda since these areas witnessed atrocities of Muslims on hapless Hindus.


may it be retalited in other parts of the country....but....who will initiate?
Deshabhakta said…
no tv channel covering it, no website of newspapers too :(
if you are aware a source of the news please share so that the word can be spread. mainstream media will not report it as only Hindus are being killed.
Common Hindu said…
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- Hindu Online.
kapskapskaps said…
absolutely no news anywhere

could u possibly authenticate the source, if any??
JAS said…
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JAS said…
IE has reports & photograph here
The appeasement of muslims & allowing Bangladesi infiltrators in India has led to such roits to which,neither so called secular channels has reported nor foreign controlled english news papers.
If any Hindu tries to report it he is branded communal & Hindu militant.
Same on all so called secular forces & Congress Marxist combination to eliminate Hindus from India,
I am here at Jhowbona in Murshidabad.
I see & feel the incidents. I leave a message for the Hindus in West Bengal that Muslims announce after one year they will built Muslim country with some parts of Nadia , all Murshidabad,and Malda district.
united hindu united india
पश्चिम बंगाल के मालदा जिले मे कल आतंक का नंगा नाच चलता रहा और वोट बैंक की राजनीति करने वाली ममता बनर्जी सरकार हाथ पर हाथ धरे तमाशा देखती रही।
तृणमूल काँग्रेस के वोट बैंक और बांग्लादेशी घुसपैठियों ने मिलकर मालदा जिले के "कलियाचक" नामक स्थान पर थाने में आग लगा दी, भारत विरोधी नारे लगाये, सैंकड़ों वाहनों को फूँक दिया, हिन्दू घरों पर हमला किया जिसमें अनेकों लोग घायल हुए व करोड़ों की संपत्ति को नुकसान पहुंचा, लेकिन अभी तक एक भी गिरफ़्तारी न होना सरकार की बदनीयती को साफ दर्शाता है।
मालदा की घटना बताती है कि बंगाल बारूद के मुहाने पर बैठा है, यह कानून का नहीं बांग्लादेशी घुसपैठियों का राज है।
इतनी बड़ी घटना हो जाने के बाद भी किसी भी समाचार माध्यम द्वारा इसकी जानकारी न देना, संचार माध्यमों पर भी सरकारी आतंक को प्रदर्शित करता है।

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