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Tapan Kumar Ghosh

A fresh chapter of minority (Muslim) appeasement has been opened by the ruling Marxists of West Bengal after their debacle in the recent Parliament Election. Now the appeasement is not barely a promise. It is getting to turn into a reality. Though the Constitution of India does not provide space for any sort of reservation along religious lines, the government and other political parties together can not resist the temptation to extend reservation facilities in the government services by any means. Tax payers’ money is being poured in the name of providing education to the minorities. Despite the fact that reservation for any religious community is not entertained by the Constitution of India, government of West Bengal is set to open special morning session in the three leading colleges of Kolkata exclusively for Muslim students. After the electoral punch received from the Muslims in the recent Parliament election which evidently laid the basis of an unprecedented disaster of omnipotent Marxists in Bengal, the rulers are now determined to regain the chunk of Muslim vote with fanatic desperation. Even a replacement of our comical Chief Minister Mr. Buddhadev Bhattacharjee with a new unknown Muslim personality might also be a part of their desperation in near future. Then the circle will be full. Mamata Banerjee, the leader of opposition, who claimed distinguished notoriety for being a drama queen in the past, is another emblem of Muslim appeasement in our unfortunate state.

This trail of events is being seen as a prelude of an ever increasing demands of Muslims that will be raised in the next years, however illicit and illegitimate, and will finally culminate in the formation of another Muslimstan in the subcontinent.

Hindus of Park Circus, Metiaburuz and the districts of rural Bengal being inundated by waves of an unchecked explosion of Muslim population for various known and systematic reasons, are now realizing their fate in th e days to come. But even their realization is now becoming woefully inadequate to challenge this rapidly deteriorating situation. They are discovering themselves in a gloomy future. It is a complete despair. With listless eyes they are watching how ground is being eroded beneath their feet. But they can not help it. Why? The quest requires a deeper insight of this problem.

A hundred years before, Swami Vivekananda, the great warrior-monk of India was able to trace the roots of this malaise. Hindu psyche is cloaked with self-denigration and self-disowning. A leading symptom of this disease is an inferiority complex and cowardice. Hindu minds have to collectively be transcended from “Tamas” to “Rajas” quality. Vivekananda asked the Hindus to deluge the land with “Rajas” quality, implying courage and action. It ought to be remembered that when the animals are sacrificed for Gods and Goddesses, it is done as a symbol of their “Tamas” quality. Therefore the Goat-like animals are sacrificed but not the Tigers and Lions, not just because of their ferocity of the latter. The Lions are Tigers are endowed with “Rajas” quality, whereas, the goats are synonymous with “Tamas”. And that’s why, goats are sacrificed.

One can not achieve “Satva” quality without a prior achievement of “Rajas” quality by completely annihilating “Tamas” quality from his own self. A soul can not leap directly from “Tamas” to ‘Satva”. No one can be a “Sativk” without transcending from “Tamasik to “Rajasik”. So it is impossible for a cowardly and spineless person to achieve the “Satva”. The hypocrisy or pretension to be a “Satvik” to shield the inner weakness and cowardice is shoving the Hindu society to the point of oblivion.

So in order to counter the tsunami of Islamic aggression blustering round West Bengal and Assam with an increasing ferocity, we need to inject vigour, strength, ardour and alacrity into our veins through ceaseless effort, labour and determination. These are all about “Rajas” quality. So the bravehearts of ‘Hindu Samhati’ must be filled with “Rajas”. Those who blame such quality are deadly mistaken. The people who lazily sit and sleep and depend upon luck and god are nothing but unproductive “Tamasiks”. This Tamasikata is core reason behind the entrapment and enslavement of Hindu race for several centuries in the past. It must be understood that as long as Hindus are tortured, exploited, abused, molested and defeated, a complacent talk of “Satvik” and “Satvikta” is no less than committing a sin. Because it is hypocrisy and hypocrisy is a sin.

‘Amader Katha’ in “Samhati Sambad”, June-2009



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