Inexplicable are Calcutta High Court’s verdicts.

Again a minor Hindu girl and a Muslim boy of 22 years eloped. When the case has been moved in the Division Bench of Calcutta High Court comprising Hon’ble Justice Pinaki Ghosh and Justice Prasenjit Mandal, they told, according to media report, that they are not worried about the age of the girl, because the marriage was held under Muslim Law. Its proof also has been produced in the court. Hence they are satisfied. The Hon’ble Judges ordered to present the boy and the girl to the court. The Judges only want to see how they are, and they want to hear from the girl about her mental condition.

Here the boy is Seikh Aajit Ali, 22, and the girl is Moumita Chakraborty. Both are resident of two neighboring villages under Daspur P.S. of West Midnapur district. According to Idrish Ali, advocate of Aajit Ali, the age of the girl is 19. But according to the parents of the girl, their daughter is minor in age. [Ref. – Anandabazar Patrika (p.-4), 16.01.2010]

The advocate will try to save his client, here Seikh Aajit Ali, it is understandable. But strange is the stance of the Hon’ble Judges. They are satisfied that the marriage has been solemnized under Muslim Marriage Act. Hence, age of the girl is no bar.

Funny. How a Hindu girl can marry under Muslim Act? Has she has been converted to Islam? If she has been converted to Islam, how can she do this without proper consent of her legal guardian if she is a minor? In the case of her conversion to Islam before marriage, those who have converted her has committed a culpable offence by converting a minor without the consent of her parents. Why didn’t the Honourable court take cognizance of this offence? If there is no bar for converting a minor boy or girl, then a boy of 9 years or a girl of 8 years can easily be duped and converted by unscrupulous elements. Does our Constitution permit this? We are no legal experts. But, two recent verdicts of Calcutta High Court (the other was delivered on 16.12.09 in the case of Sahidul) will destroy the Hindu Society throughout India.

If these verdicts are within the ambit of our Constitution, then this Constitution is dangerously anti-Hindu. Then we should have no respect for this Constitution. Then we, the Hindus need a separate Hindu Law for us and to protect ourselves. And if the Hon’ble Judges exceeded the limit of the Constitution, then it will be suspected that they are playing in the hands of anti Hindu forces, may be Jehadi forces. After the Justice Dinakaran case and several other cases of impropriety on behalf of some Judges, the Judges are no longer holy cows, they are not above scrutiny.

All the well wishers of Hindu Society should take a serious note of these anti Hindu verdicts of Calcutta High Court.


there is nothing Honorable about it.

Its disgusting.
Unknown said…
dimple solutions, marry muslims girls and convert back to hindu,
Unknown said…
As a Hindu & activist of RSS I condemned the incident /activities and the Remarks of RSS,RSS failed to protect & condemed the issue and totally failed in this sensitive issue.I was also a victim of Muslim outrage and banished by CPM GOONS and Muslim communinity of my 24 - Parganas ( N) ,Barasat area. I am very praised by the BSS that this year also they celebrated & remembers the Martyer's day of HIndus & held a rally and Speech in the heart of calcutta. I am ready to halp with BSS at any time and day. Contact with : 9510121707 for active help. Vasudeb Ahmedabad

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