Major Hindu Event in Eastern India by SAMHATI

Hindu Samhati's 2nd Anniversary Mega-Event

14th February, 2010 - 1 PM

Shraddhananda Park, Kolkata, India


Swami Pradiptanandaji, Bharat Sevashram Sangha.

Pramod Mutalik, Dr. Babu Suseelan,

Tapan Kumar Ghosh,

Sunil Deodhar,

Sailendra Jain,

Vinod Yadav

A Huge Public Meeting on the Foundation Day of Hindu Samhati.

Through the sincere support and blessings of the Hindu people Hindu Samahti completes 2 years of its existence. In every direction the workers and supporters of Hindu Samhati are essaying to save the land of West Bengal from the ruthless encroachment of the enemy. Today the Hindu Faith, the honour of Hindu Women, Hindu land and property, security of economy and existence are under a relentless threat from anti India and anti Hindu forces. These diabolical forces want to uproot the Hindu from the land of West Bengal with the active assistance of the political parties and administrative machinery. The backdrop for the creation of a new Pakistan is being readied as Hindus become a minority in block after block. Already 3 Districts and 62 blocks have become Hindu minority. A few others are on the way. After oppressing the Hindus in the Hindu minority areas the thrust is on the Hindu majority areas. Through forcible occupation of land, construction of new masjids, madrassahs and graveyards a nefarious scheme is unfolding to drive out the Hindus from these areas and turn them into a minority. Hindu women are being snatched away from Hindu society be every hook and crook. A ‘green’ blueprint has been created to takeover Hindu trade and economy. Caught in this ‘chakravyuha’ of Muslim aggression, political assistance and administrative apathy the rural Hindu has become a helpless onlooker of his own demise. The need of the hour is protest, resistance and an urgent resolution of this situation.

Let us come and meet in thousands for the 2nd anniversary of the foundation of Hindu Samhati, to vow for Hindu resistance and make this meet a grand success.


Date: 14th February, 2010 at 1 PM

Venue: Shraddhananda Park, Kolkata

With the Blessings of Reverend Swami Pradiptanandaji Maharaj, Bharat Sevashram Sangh

President: Shri Tapan Kumar Ghosh, Hindu Samhati.

Chief Guest : Pramod Mutalik, President, Sri Rama Sena, Karnataka.

Special Guest: Sunil Deodhar, International Human Rights Manch, Mumbai.

Speakers: Dr. Babu Suseelan, United Hindu Front, USA; Sailendra Jain, Hindu Nirman Dal; New Delhi, Vinod Yadav, Go Raksha Andolan, Bihar.


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Hi my name is Sandeep Shah residing in Kolkata and i am a MBA student and i am a very strong supporter of Hinduism i want to be in touch with you and want to with you people plz. contact me at
I hope i can add something in this work. name is Chandan..a strong supporter of hinduism..i really appreciate hindu samhati s suggestion is that all hindu orgs must rope in women too coz hindu women are the prime targets now

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