UPDATE----Hindu Villagers Attacked in Birbhum....continued


Hindu Samhati to send Team to Birbhum

The poor Hindu tribal women are regularly sexually exploited and raped by Muslim goons all over West Bengal. But in recent months the matter has become so worse in the Mohammadbazar area in Birbhum district that after last two days incidents, tribal organisations from Jharkhand had to intervene to protect the honor of their womenfolk.

The West Bengal administration has been miserably failed in this regard. From the response and attitude of the police officers notwithstanding what they say, the tribals are convinced that this administration possesses no will power to take any decisive steps to protect them from the onslaught of the powerful and rich Muslim miners and their Islamist goons. So the tribal mukhias/leaders sent SOS to neighbouring Jharkhand. The response is prompt and quick. The AJSU (All Jharkhand Student's Union) leaders of Jharkhand sent their representatives to Mohammadbazar to gauge the seriousness of the situation. Receiving report from these representatives, they sent buses directly from Jharkhand to Mohammadbazar on 23rd midnight. On 24th April morning, at least four busloads of tribal Hindu women from Mohammadpur have been shifted to Jharkhand. Two Maruti vans (omni) loaded with tribal Hindu youth escorted those women out of peril.

Police in West Bengal is completely aware in know of this development. But they have not tried to stop them from migrating to Jharkhand, they (police) are relieved by this.

Hindu Samhati will be sending a team to investigate the incident and offer total support to the Hindus of Birbhum who are affected."Today (25 April) me and my team are going to Birbhum." said Tapan Ghosh, president of Hindu Samhati. "Tomorrow we will attempt to enter the affected tribal villages of the area. From media reports it has been known that the Muslim goons are checking there for every outsider and media person. So, by the will of Ishwar we will persevere and do our best to protect our women and honor of Birbhum's Hindus."

Posted by Hindu Samhati's International Communications Team


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