Injured Sunil Singhadar
Broken Idols of the Temple
Broken Idol of Bal Krishna inside the Temple


The onslaught of resurgent Islamic faith (thanks to West Bengal’s Islamic custodians like Trinamool Congress) on Hindus in Bengal is unabated and as part of the same series, the age-old Shiva Temple at Pagla Tala in Haringhata P.S. (Police Station) area of Nadia District, famous for holding Pagol Thakurer Mela for centuries right from the time of Raja Krishnachandra Roy, becomes the latest target of the Muslims.

On 28.03.10 at around 7 p.m, when the congregation was at full blast, a violent crowd of approx 400 Muslim goons strongly-armed, with sinister designs, usurped the vicinity and ransacked the entire gathering along with local shops and the Shiva Temple (Pagol Thakurer Mandir) was destroyed, also destroyed were the Idols of Godess Kali , Laxmi , Saraswati , Mansa and also of Lord Krishna and Ganesh.

The Muslim mob also severely damaged and looted the shops (25 nos. approx.) of the Hindu people, bodily hurt the Hindu people and looted their belongings, for example, money, jewels, mobile phones, etc. They looted 26 bicycles of the visitors, 20 plastic chairs and 40 bamboo sticks used for barricades of the mela.

As a mark of protest against the humiliation of Hindus, road blockades were held at the behest of Hindu community leaders. On 30/03/10 morning, local Hindus formed 4 to 6 groups of 300 to 400 people in each group and blocked 5 roads leading to the Khudar Mela, about 3 km away from this temple, organised by the Muslims. The Hindus’ protest and road block was so successful that the Khudar Mela of the Muslims, which was scheduled for that day was unable to take place. Tension prevails in the local area.

Names of the severely injured persons :

1) Sunil Singhadar (right eye fatally damaged), (2) Jagadish Goldar, (3) Sankar Sarkar, (4) Joydeb Roy, (5) Sujoy Mandal, (6) Uddhab Goldar, (7) Sunil Singha, (8) Ajit Goldar, (9) Tapan Roy, (10) Manik Goldar, (11) Panchugopal Mandal.

Among those, Ajit Goldar and Sunil Singhadar were mercilessly beaten up in the Mela Committee office. The Muslim rampaging mob beaten up Manik Goldar and looted wrist watch, mobile phone and money from him. Beside the above mentioned persons, many unknown temple disciples and volunteers were mercilessly beaten up by the fundamentalist Muslims.

The fundamentalist Muslims who led this marauding mob are :

1) Sadek, (2) Masood, (3) Sabbir Goldar s/o, Alimuddin, (4) Kabir Goldar s/0, Alimuddin, (5) Bilal Mandal s/o, Jhuro Mandal, (6) Haider Ali Goldar s/o, Majnu Goldar, (7) Ratan Goldar s/o, Majnu, (8) Bishe Goldar s/o, Deedar, (9) Rabbari Mandal s/o, Haran, (10) Altaf Goldar s/o, Mamlabox, (11) Mafroj Goldar s/o, Mamlabox, (12) Moynak Mandal s/o, Mansur, (13) Alamat Bag s/o, Late Golam Bag, (14) Laltu Goldar, (15) Majnu Goldar, (16) Mainoor, (17) Ijjal, (18) Mobijul, (19) Firoj, (20) Rafik, (21) Raju and others.

When they were destroying the idols of the temple, Smt. Renuka Bakshi, Priestess of the temple protested. She was threatened that she would be killed if she did not keep quiet.

The attack started at about 7 pm. Mela Committee repeatedly informed the Haringhata Police Station over phone. But the reply came from the police (a) there was not enough police personnel, (b) they have no car to go, (c) there was no petrol/diesel to run the jeep, etc. etc.

About 5 hours after the incident started, police came. Seeing the seriousness of the incident, they arrested 14 Muslims from nearby Muslim village Mitrapur Muslim Para. But under pressure of local Trinamool Congress leaders Biswajit Roy, Nemai Das and Chitta Das, they all were released next day.

Police took away with them all the broken idols to the police station ignoring the objection of local people. This act of police is totally irreligious and against the rituals of Sanatan Dharma.

On 31st March when a Representative Team of Hindu Samhati led by Advocate B.N.Roy and Sujit Maity thoroughly visited the area and then went to the Haringhata Police Station, police absolutely refused to give them any information. Officer in Charge and Investigating Officer (I.O.) of the case did not meet with the members of the team.

The Hindus of the area are feeling absolutely insecure and threatened. An exodus of Hindus from the area is just a matter of time.


Anonymous said…
good~ keep sharing with us, please....I will waiting your up date everyday!! Have a nice day........................................
Unknown said…
How shameful for us,Hindus...we are reading this report and doing nothing... If they do this to us,we should at least protest or do the same to their west facing shrines...
bhattathiri said…
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Dr.Gour Mohanty said…
It is time that the Kirtaniyas of Nadia must be told to throw their mridanga (khola) and jhanja(gini) and take to guns and daggers to defend themselves and their religion and their Gods.It is foolish to think that Gods would come to their rescue;rather it is they by their manliness and strength can defend their Gods and temples.This in general is to be followed by all sects of Hindus and the Dharmacharyas should come forward to guide the Hindus.It is only Savarkar's dictum to Militarise Hindus and Hinduise Politics that can save Hindus and India from being enslaved in a decade or so .
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