Defiant Hindu resistance stops cow-slaughter at Choto Mohora in Amta

Choto Mohora village of PS: Amta, Dist: Howrah in the Indian state of West Bengal an entirely Hindu-based village. Only a few Muslim families (numbering 12-15) do inhabit here. .....

..... Naturally, the notion of cow-slaughter to mark any Muslim festival (or Bakr-id in particular) was quite unknown to the populace of this area. However, taking advantage of this ignorance, the Bakr-id here of last year witnessed Muslims to slaughter 5-6 cows successfully. .....

Muslims exerted tremendous pressure on BDO and Officer-in-Charge of PS: Amta to enable them to slaughter cows. In this case they were actively supported by Muslims of far-off villages like Deur, Chandarpur and Kansra along with MP (Member of Parliament), Sultan Ahmed and the Imam of Masjid of Tipu Sultan.

This led to a strong resentment among the Hindus; they agitated powerfully. Cow Slaughter was Stopped in this village in toto in 2010. The whole agitation was led by our Hindu brother, Niranjan Mondal of Choto Mohora and he deserves our salutation for the noble job.

Hindu Samhati takes its hat off to Niranjan Babu for his noble activity.

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HinduBengal said…
Hindus must be more aggressive while dealing with them.
Such illegal acts of Cow slaughter is patronized by Communists.

One of the biggest tragedies of humankind is, the alliance of two opposite ideologies,communism and Islamism.

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