Complete Hell for Hindus in Jalaberia

Muslim radicals, police nexus hell-bent to crush Hindus forever 

Bengal, in particular Hindus inhabiting it, have indeed got a “Poriborton” but not the coveted change as owing to the change of guard in the state Hindus have become the one and only casualty and with each day it passes, their position is getting perilous. Not the Hindus here are being snubbed only but their views and even legitimate protests are both being abused and subdued whenever necessary also. The murder of Rohul Kuddus, Moulavi on February 18, 2013 while returning from Jaamtala Haat, P.S. Kultali by gunmen (unidentified yet), has led to a series of Hindu persecutions in the vicinity and the silence of police and administration; their bids to smash Hindus also have added fuel to the fire.    

Jalaberia, located under the jurisdiction of P.S. Kultali, District: 24 Paraganas (South) has been the worst affected area. Hindus here are bearing the brunt of joint attacks of Muslim radicals and administration.

The Islamic fury against Hindus, following the murder, was witnessed first on February 19, 2013 at 10 am when 60 Hindu women from Jalaberia (in 6 automatic vans) were going to Narugopal temple at Tulsighata to fulfill a solemn promise made to the Holy Deity there earlier. But they were prevented at Kaltala by Muslim youths; radicals, instead of letting those innocent women go, attacked the six vehicles, sexually harassed Hindu women and even tried to kidnap a Hindu youth (age 25) accompanying women in the journey. However, persistent requests of Hindu women saved him and they returned to Jalaberia without more ado, let alone performing Puja.      

On February 20, next day, in the morning, 16 Hindus, laborers in brick-fields, were abducted by Islamists in the same area of Kaltala to teach Hindus another lesson. Hindus, furious as a result, blocked the main road in Jalaberia. Even if it was a protest against the audacity of Muslims and incompetence of police to contain this cancer on the body of democracy, the protest was a peaceful civil obedience virtually. Two Muslims were also taken as hostage.

Police, meanwhile, geared up to recover 2 Muslims and started pressurizing Hindus who remained resolute in their demand – 2 Muslims would be freed in return for the release of 16 Hindus at Kaltala only. Without heeding their demand, a large contingent of RAF along with C.I. of P.S. Joynagar recovered 2 Muslims leading to a complete disorder and a violent conflict between Hindus and police. Police force was beaten hollow and to avoid more dangers, it was perceived to fire five rounds of tear gas.

Later, with a desire to even the score, police entered each and every Hindu household; lathi charged Hindus there and also to retain a reign of terror, closed the local market of Hindus forcibly for five days at a stretch.     
The market has been opened already but only after local Hindu Samhati activists along with lawyer interfered and held a meeting with SDPO and O.C. of P.S. Kultali.

Nevertheless, the wrath of police and administration is yet to end; to teach Hindus in Jalaberia and its neighborhood a lesson, they have brought suit against 37 Hindus including Tapan Ghosh, president – Hindu Samhati, under sections 147/148/149/332/333/353/427/152/153/109/186/507/186/307 I.P.C. & 4 E.S. Act and 3 & 4 P.D.P.P. Act (Prevention of Damage to Public Property Act, 1984).

16 Hindu laborers were released by Muslim radicals, complacent with the police action, on February 21.


Bhavya Ketan said…
The Islamic oppression of Hindus continues even in Independent India. Hindus should not remain silent and fight back with full vengeance.

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