Large cache of arms, ammunition, explosives found in Kultali

A large cache of arms and ammunitions was caught red-handed by a team of 24 Paraganas (South) West Bengal Police on July 1, 2013. It has come to knowledge that the criminals (arrested already), Mohammed Salim Khan and Mohammad Shakil Khan, were moving towards Kultali in a bus (with the entire cache) where they were caught from. According to police, thanks to information from a private source, the team was awaiting the two at Taltala More, P.S. Canning; the bus was stopped and both felons were detained for the moment. What followed next was the discovery of 9 highly modernized firearms. These included 1 7MM pistol, 47 cartridges, 2 magazines and 5 kilogram gunpowder to make bombs.

On the word of local people (on condition of anonymity), this is nothing new and it’s known to almost all that the entire cache was going to Shahjahan Khan, strong-armer and also known as hard-core Islamist in the locality, who lives in Jamtala, Kultali. And the responsibility of Shahjahan was to take the entire cache to Ferrigunz-1 and Naini.  

Even if the police’s activity is par excellence (in this regard), the entire success has brought forth tip of the iceberg only and how vitriolic is rural Bengal at the moment. 


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