Story of Mohammed Ali Chisti

Mohammed Ali Chisti, earlier Suresh Sahu, a new convert to Islam and resident of Hari Pal Lane, Kolkata – 700 006 has become the center of attention in his neighborhood and it is not only for he is going to organize Hazrat Astana Sharif Urs Mubarak marking the establishment of mazaar in his own residence. The way he propagates Islamic culture in the Hindu neighborhood has vexed his neighbors also and as per them, during the celebration of Urs on each year the demographic character of the area changes highly. Intrusion of truckloads of Muslims from other areas remains the main factor in this context.

According to locals, Suresh Sahu and his wife (originally from Orissa) were party members of CPIM while living in Sodapara or Sankharipara and with that support he entered Hari Pal Lane in 1999. He purchased a residence there and in the initial years, he was found to be congenial. But the situation changed in 2009 due to a police intervention. It was learnt that he deceived bank loans worth Rs. 1.5 crores; following the intervention of administration his residence and bank accounts were confiscated.  Suresh virtually disappeared from the area following the pandemonium.    

Suresh was spotted again in 2012 but with a new identity – as a Muslim individual and with a new name Mohammed Ali Chisti. And to prove his own Muslim identity, he created a mazaar in his residence. However, when he was asked by his neighbors of the reason that prompted him to convert to Islam, he answered quickly that it was the result of his own search for salvation and also that he was instructed by PirBaba of mazaar at Moulali, Sealdah in Kolkata.

Nowadays, all Islamic festivals are celebrated at this house with splendor even if his wife and children are Hindu still.

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