Maniktala Hindus are clueless how to stop Mosque in Hindu area

Maniktala Hindus are clueless how to stop outsider
Muslims’ design to build a Mosque in Hindu area

Maniktala (in north Kolkata) must be thanking the almighty only for it could avoid a battle royal between two religious communities today, July 23, 2013, in the evening as both got involved in a face off following the loud noise heard while offering namaaz at a land occupied forcefully by people belonging to the Muslim community. The situation worsened when a few of occupiers were found to park their bikes before a few shops intentionally.
The entire dispute revolves around a land of 3.5 cottahs located at Maniktala Main Road and belongs to Mrs. Jyotsna Mitra, a Bengali woman. It has been learnt, among the entire stretch of land 2.5 cottahs belong to her family while the remaining belonged to a person named Haji Moniruddin who breathed his last almost 65 years ago. No heir of deceased Haji Moniruddin appeared to claim the land ever. The land enjoyed the same status for decades at a stretch.
The problem started when the entire property was sold to a promoter, Sushil Poddar. While Mr. Poddar started the project, hundreds of Muslim youths assembled before the very property on July 15, 2013 terming it as a land belonging to Muslims exclusively. Even if local Hindus protested, they accepted requests of Muslims to pray namaaz (second pillar in Islam) but disturbances started when the number of people offering prayers started increasing steadily.  There is a small Hindu temple adjacent to the site where the namaaz is being offered.
Consequently, Hindus in the area decided to talk to both Muslims and administration directly, but in both cases their views were unheeded. This led to a spontaneous protest from Hindus on July 21, 2013.  
Only on July 23, 2013, a request of Hindus to lower the loud voice while offering Azaan in the disputed territory led to the rift. This protest was joined by Hindus in numbers. Higher officials of Maniktala PS had a hard time to contain raging Hindus, worried of a fast change in the demographic character of the area.
As per fresh reports, an armed consignment of police has been deployed in the area to overcome any untoward development. It has also come to knowledge, police has demanded a petition from the protesters; it is being prepared at the moment.
A board has been introduced in the disputed territory stating: The property belongs to Haji Moniruddin Mosque and Burial Ground Wakf Estate under E.C. No. 13856; Board of Wakfs, West Bengal Premises No. 101, Maniktala Main Road, Kolkata – 700 054.    


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