Bangladesh Elections - Official Statement by Hindu Samhati

Hindu Samhati's Official Statement on Bangladesh Elections:

We congratulate the people of Bangladesh for the triumph of the progressive and secular forces in the recently concluded election. Media reports state that the minority Hindu community, in spite of serious disturbances, was able to cast votes and without major hindrances as in previous elections, and we commend the election commission for a job well done. We hope that better days will commence in the length and breadth of Bangladesh and it will abide by and uphold the glorious democratic traditions of neighboring India, the largest democracy in the global arena.

However, there are larger expectations from the newly elected government. The dismissal of the despised Vested Property Act (formerly Enemy Property Act, targeting the Hindu population) and the rebuilding of the historic Ramna Kali Temple have been two longstanding demands of the Hindu minority community in that country.

We hope that the new Bangladesh government will concentrate on this aspect and do the needful. These forms of initiatives can only lead the nation to a brighter future and sustain the secular fabric.

We pray to the Almighty Ishwar that prudence should befall in Bangladesh which can save that country from obtaining the tag of “failed state” like Pakistan.

Tapan Ghosh

Convenor, Hindu Samhati

Posted by Hindu Samhati's International Communications Team


bst4u_frenz said…
hi !!!
i have seen your blog but its not much more for your aim. We people Need increase our strength day by day like Muslim family who has 3 wives and large nos. of their son and son in laws daughter and daughter in laws like this they have good family member and large nos. of Muslim public in India so how can we fight with them and once more day by day they increasing theirs no. of public end of the last we can find the will ruling our country as an Islamic country so you and all of those who are running like this camp need to published this information among of all Hindu other this Hindu raasht can be changed in in Islamic raasht we need some good group who can save our generation, and feel like them for our dushera diwali etc. they are free to celebrate their muslim fest like muhrram id bcuze they know very well bhai jaan yahan thudi hi bomb phodge woh to hindu ke liye

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