Cow Slaughter Stopped on Eid Day

This year the Islmamic festival, Bakr Eid was on 9th December. Like every year, this year too, Muslims tried to slaughter cows in various new places, even though the Hindus consider the cow to be holy and a sin to kill the animal. Muslims all over the Indian subcontinent often slaughter the cow to spite and pain the Hindu community. But in South 24 Pargana district, Hindus motivated by Hindu Samhati tried to resist it. In several places, memorandums with mass signatures were submitted to local Police Stations and representatives of Hindu Samhati were sent to all party meetings convened by administration. In the following places Hindus were successful to resist Cow slaughter in the follwing places this year.

(1) Village - Hansaberia & Makhalia under P.S.- Magrahat,

(2) Vill - Garankati under P.S. -Kulpi,

(3) Vill - Alampur under P.S.- Nodakhali

(4) Vill - Dakshin Taldi, P.S. - Canning,

(5) Vill - Rajapur, P.S.- Canning,

(6) Vill - Dharampur, P.S. - Bishnupur,

(7) Vill - Gorhanpur, P.S.- Bishnupur, all South 24 Parganas dist.

(8) Vill - Dakshin Naopara, P.S. - Amta, Dist.- Howrah.


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